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Probably not. Gonna hear too many interviews with the coach who is telling you and probably is team. They have no chance of beating Oklahoma coming up tomorrow. I don't know if that's his pre game speech or not. Certainly downplaying expectations in lane kiffin did a great job at that. Paulie did some research to find y, Florida Atlantic is known as the owls because lane kiffin didn't know why they're nickname is the owl? Is this the burrowing? Owl? What kind of our we talking about? Yes, they discovered like an owl sanctuary and to honor the birth presence and protect the birds during the expanded construction university on, they did a bunch of different things to protect a bird sanctuary sanctuary, and they named the athletic teams else. What must be liked to go to college in Boca Raton, Florida. You visited Pepperdine before get on university? Oh my that felt like a TV show about a college. It felt like Hollywood build a campus? Yeah, that's Pepperdine like Beverly Hills. Nine o. two. And would would use that or something? Yes. What's Boca Raton like. See I very nice, but I think it's older. It's a retirement community primary? Yes, I thought, yeah, Pepperdine in Malibu and my son went out there and visited. I don't know if he wanted to go there, but he he wanted to visit it. And so he went out and then you're going, this wouldn't be a bad place to go to college in Malibu USC, not a bad consolation price for the kid USC balking on that campus. That was pretty spectacular. It was. Pretty cool campus, and I've, you know, Harvard is still interesting to walk on Yale, Yale's like a fortress, a big stone walls in, you know what kinds of brick there. So it's cool because it's Yale. Harvard was cooled walk on campus? Yes, mclovin I don't quite understand. You see, it's so for LA it's so in the middle of the city. It's, you know, I been around there. It's just very urban to me like it's right in the heart of the city thing like UCLA and I would go to the beach like pepper on how can how can the city's? Well, USC has probably the number one film number one business school in America. I'm gonna guess that's why you're wildly popular. Yeah, yeah, very tough to. I think I think UCLA is harder to get into out of state than USC is UCLA's like six percent out of state. Crazy US's pretty tough. US probably top fifteen. I'm gonna guess toughest to get into you got the ivy's. I think Harvard takes like five percent that sound about right, five percent of applicants. Yeah. Oh, way lower than that, I think do they, I would think really five, percents Ty. Did you apply at Harvard? I did. You did did not quite make the coin. Did you look at a state? Did you consider California any? That's no, no, I I had back then I had no guidance whatsoever. I, if I was smarter, I would have gone to a division two or division three school Embiid been able to play all four years, but I was like, I don't know what I'm gonna do. And then I had a friend who I played basketball against two guys who went to eastern Kentucky. One was in broadcasting radio, Mike Hart sock. And then the other guy I played against Geoff Howard the they were a year older than me, and I thought, well, Geoff Howard can play these Kentucky I can. So I show up and like, Geoff Howard goes, what are you doing here? I go. I figured you can play here. I can. He was also on attract scholarship and a white guy who was six three could hijack seven feet. Other than that, I thought we were equal. Yeah, yes, in I'm looking now at Harvard's acceptance rate and in twenty fifteen. It was at five point, six percent, but that's been trending down a bunch last year. It was at five point two. And now this year it's at the lowest. It's ever been at four point five, nine. But isn't that where you just sort of take a flyer when when you tell people where you apply to, you know, I, I applied to,.

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