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That's that'd be wild. Imagine adding those guys like trade that you can make right exactly not having to give up any assets either. They're getting the talent fusion back. Just just bring back to superstar potential players. Oh that's pretty cool. Yeah so you know again. I don't think he's changing the landscape of my team. But i think he's a solid contributor right now and even if it does start to fade the playing time a little bit down the road. I've gotten some health back or or found some other guys. But i think at least in the short term i. I really like him. But i did get him at somebody. I think can be there for the rest of the year just because the plate skills. I'm hoping he can. He can perform his way into more of that. Share that you're talking about. I think gavin sheets has better skills than all the guys. You name there with goodwin angle larry garcia billy hamilton. So hopefully that shines for him and he's able to keep that plane time going. Mike is mike fulton and people remember he is at one. Point was a really interesting to pitcher He's got four pitches now. In each recently changed the grip. On his slider and curveball. In it's been helping quite a bit over the last three starts. He's got three sixty. Ira the walks are down only to walks in twenty innings. That's huge for lengthy for him. It is huge. I mean he's getting to pitch in. Texas is once he stay in texas in. You know in that amazing place to pitch. That's ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside. I really like him. And i streamed him last week of for the oakland and in seattle starts. I'm happy with what i got from him. I don't know if i in some of my weekly leagues. i them out this week in some. I didn't just because he got. He's got oakland again for the third time that's right right. Yeah and then just that scares out of me understandably in some ways. I didn't have a choice. So you know in my mid event. Like i said i didn't have. I didn't have many options to your way for the schedule. The break did nuts. So i'm open. He doesn't like get crushed. Being seen the third time in you know two weeks but i really like what fulton average is doing and i think he is especially your deeper leagues is someone people should take a look at As a kind of a team stream room for it. Yeah i think so too on faulty and Just throw an ad on guy who was picked up a lot this week off. Their team is colby. Allard was pitching well and he was fine against the tigers for his first start. He's also been pitching while. I think both of them could be around and i don't know that either them is necessarily going to be. I mean our twenty. Three's not getting traded but even faulty at twenty nine. We'll see maybe if he runs this this week and then out of the break pitching well and generate some. But i don't know that it would be enough for them to want to trade him. So i think he'll stick around in texas and just keep starting every fifth day as well there so the they got a few guys in addition to all star kyle gibson. Boom a well done man. He's awesome. he's awesome one. Nine eighty are a one four whip. He's been incredible. There are no two ways around it. You would think the combination of cedric moans. And kyle gibson have me in first place in every one of my leads legs right now. Maybe a few and listen far far. Be it for me to just go around and back patting us to aggressively. But i will say there were two guys that you know if you listen to the show in the off season probably likely to have these guys on more teams than not based off our promotion of them if you if you liked what we were saying. And that's cedric moans. Jared walsh and they're both all stars. So i felt pretty good about that. You know we don't get anything right. I know that for sure. But you know when you put when you plant your flag and it's on a couple of guys that are mid late round guys. I mean mullins was dirt cheap. Walsh had some juice but he was still very affordable as well and they both make the all star team. I felt pretty good about that. So a little kudos to us on the all star break there if i can be so bold as to As to brag a little bit and then throw in your kyle gibson love as well and you know we got. We got small stars out there. So yeah. I mean a little bit right just a little a little bit of bragging again. We got plenty. We got plenty of stuff wrong that we can get hammered on so we'll take a little a little love here and there but yeah mullins is fourth in the outfield are you. Are you kidding. Me between nicosia annalisa jd..

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