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Two people that we transported to a local trauma center, both of those folks that condition has improved. One is still in the hospital. They were rescued just before 1 a.m. on Monday, about three hours later, Cruz removed the plane from the power lines. They stabilized the plane by the crane, then segmented the plane and the engine from S two pieces, lowered the plane to the ground. The plane remains unseen and will be inspected by the NTSB. Stetson Miller, WTU P news. To release a preliminary reports, we're told of their investigation into this crash in two to three weeks. Now the pilot and passenger in Sunday lights plane crash stayed calm as they talked my cell phone with a 9-1-1 call taker. Pilot Patrick Merkel telephoned Montgomery county 9-1-1 to say he had flown into a tower. Believe it or not, the aircraft is pinned in the tower. The pilot feared the plane could slip free from the tower's grasp and fall to earth. We can slide backwards and have absolutely nothing to protect us going down. Passenger Janet Williams pleaded for a swift rescue and the 9-1-1 call taker offered encouraging words. They're moving as fast as they can. Okay, they're going to get up to you guys. Emergency personnel checked with the crash victims by phone every 30 minutes. Particularly on a WTO P news. You'll be at three O 6 and other news this morning, Virginia congressman Donald mceachin we hear has died after a long battle with cancer. He was just 61, making a Democrat had just won reelection for a fourth term in Virginia's fourth district, his chief of staff says that McKeon was diagnosed with colorectal cancer that he's been battling since 2013. Money is being wasted in the district when it comes to fixing things at schools and other buildings. D.C. council chair Phil mendelson says the work order process is in his words a mess. The result is that it's costing the city. Millions of dollars. A D.C. auditor's report found all kinds of issues with the department of general services responsible for fixing stuff and tracking it. In some work orders before and after photos were not the actual project, but stock images found on the Internet. To me, I mean, why would one do that? Mendelsohn says the mayor is responsible for how the work gets done. Kyle Cooper, WTO P news. When prices go up, that has an impact on everything from the price of milk to building local schools. This is the time of year when Montgomery county lawmakers are talking to their colleagues in Annapolis about what they need and county council president KPop said inflation will affect requests for things like school construction money. He also talked about another priority when the General Assembly session starts in January. Pedestrian safety, as well as bicycle safety, because as we know, there have been too many tragedies here locally in Montgomery county and across the region. Among the bills it could be considered one that would take the fines drivers pay for blowing past stopped school buses and sending that money to the state to apply directly to improving safety at the site where the violation occurred. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. Moving on to the next holiday, this Tuesday morning and coming up on WTO P this half hour. Students from Calvert, Fredericksburg and D.C. make things festive at the national Christmas tree. I'm dick giuliano. Three O 8s on WTO welcome. Slower. Claude trains called Michael and son and get $100 off at trained cleaning today. Probably good weather all the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to rich under with this thing that I will do TLP traffic sign. Good morning dean right now traveling eastbound 66 between 29 and 28 in son of a single left lane gets by the work some beyond that between one 23 and not least street also down to a single left lane then as you approach and pass over the beltway that works on blocks a single ride lane. Westbound side as you approach one 23 works in the right lane between 50 and the fairfax county Parkway, single ride lane gets you by and then as you approach the route 28 in centerville there, you're also down to a single right lane getting by your empty south on 28 block as part of that work sound posted detour will take you to 29 to work your way back. Southbound 28 as you approach and pass over 66 eventually down to one single link that lets it work some but as of late delays have been brief, 95 north on the only act of work sound as you approach and pass through three Fredericksburg, that marks left lane that's where you get by without delay beyond that, nothing else anyway, headed up toward the beltway in Springfield express things available to you there as well. Three 95 north, between the development and the 14th street bridge also off to a good start express lanes available there as well. No issues as of late on George Washington Parkway in either direction. For over 65 years, giba, the government employees benefit association has been trusted by federal employees to provide dental vision and other insurance benefits, choose giba visit GEBA dot com, rich hundred WTO traffic. Tracking the next couple of days for you, your Tuesday, not too bad. High temperature in the low 50s is going 53 with a mixture of clouds and sun. Wednesday, all clouds, good chance for rain early in the day, high temperature of 60, sounds great, but once again, rain and wind, winds got 30 to 40 mph

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