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We are releasing the entire supply. We have Order by states rather than holding second doses in physical reserve. Now, the Washington Post reports. There were no dose is being held in physical reserve. There won't be an extra shipment of the vaccine. States across the country had made plans to more widely distribute the vaccine, and now those plans must change in a tweet. The Washington State Health Department says they understand why people may feel the situation is confusing and frustrating. Reached out to health and human services from or comment. Local health officials are sounding the alarm about Corona virus variants, and one public health expert tells Cuomo's Ryan Harris. We need to be ready for their potential effect. Viruses mutate. That's the nature of the beast. And that could mean they become more transmissible like the UK variant, But you w medicines. Dr Ali Mokdad says they could also render vaccines less effective. Mokdad says there are some things we need to do primary among them to keep our guard up as we work toward herd immunity, since the virus is less likely to mutate with fewer places to go, and, he says, we need to do more testing for the variance old companies that are only knocked the vaccine, especially wealthy countries that have the means to keep an eye on what's circulating because many countries in Africa and the Middle East would not have vaccinated the public and the body's system you taking over their Mokhtar also says vaccine makers need to be ready to tweak the vaccine. Match any resistant mutations, which he says can be done like it is with the flu shot each year. Ryan Harris, come Ono, so their transmission is still at a high level, and it's caused of 30% increase in King County's new cases since just after Christmas. That alone is a concern to county health officer Dr Jeff Duchin. But he's even more concerned because he says the U. K and other Coronas virus variants could be like adding gasoline to a cove it fire. Eugene says all viruses mutate, but that doesn't always cause changes in the way of Irish behaves or affect us. Sometimes they do, though, and those are what we call variants of significance or variants of concern. Those are the ones that are spreading internationally, and we anticipate will become very common here in the U. S. Over the next few months. So do, Jin says. That's why it's even more important to do all we can to minimize contacts and virus spread, especially since it'll take at least six months ago, most of us vaccinated You've been good answer specific questions about reports. The federal vaccine stockpile doesn't exist, as officials claimed. But he says the federal supply has already been unreliable, which creates barriers to the speed people are vaccinated. Washington State will remain in phase one of governor genius least coronavirus recovery plan, at least for now, In order to move to Phase two, a region must see a decreasing trend of 10% or more on covert cases per 100,000 people over a two week span. New hospitalizations must also declined by 10% over that span, while intensive care units was have a less than 90% occupancy rate, the covered 19 test positivity rate must also Fall below 10%. These day Patrol and National Guard are preparing for any possible protests or confrontations of the state capital this weekend. Almost Charlie Harder reports fence lined with troopers and guard members continues to surround the capital and nearby buildings. This comes as the FBI warns of possible threats at all 50 state capitals between now and January, 20th. State trooper Chelsea Hoxton tells coma. They continue to monitor intelligence coming in well this point in time, we don't have any known explicit threats that would indicate details of the time place or specific activity in our area. The FBI highlights Sunday and inauguration day as the two days to be on the highest alert, Hodgson says they're ready for whatever comes their way. Charlie Harder. Come on. In former Republican candidate for governor, Lauren Cole presented his lawsuit that sought to invalidate the results of the election. Culp lost to injury in a landslide but refused to concede. Making claims without evidence of widespread voter fraud is attorney Stephen Pigeon could still face disciplinary action. From the courts and the state bar for filing lawsuits with false and unsubstantiated claims. Coma news time 9 10 and from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk tonight. Men's college basketball in Seattle, Utah Valley, They beat Seattle You 93 to 92 almost Bill Swartz says. The Seattle Mariners have a full crew on board for the 2021 season. Shortstop JP Crawford, catcher Tom Murphy and picture Rafael Montero all signed contracts, giving the EMS control of their entire 40 man roster. Murphy missed the whole 2020 season with foot fracture but should be ready to go for spring training, says manager Scott Service. Murphy is full go 100% weight bearing doing is running his full workouts. He feels great. We have been in constant contact with him. Mariners also counting on the return of all Star outfielder Mitch Hanniger, former L. A Chargers headman Anthony Lynn might emerge as a possible offensive coordinator for the Seahawks. Seattle earlier this week. Can Brian Schottenheimer Two NFL division playoff games tomorrow in chilly conditions at Lambeau Field. Green Bay host the L. A Rams Buffalo takes on the visiting Baltimore Ravens and numerous reports indicate the Sounders are in talks with Swansea City about loaning forward Jordan Morris to that whales, soccer club sports A 10 and 40. After the hour, Bill Schwartz come on, is Introducing TD Ameritrade's.

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