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Now's a better time than any to bring it up remind listeners, but anyway continue with with. I know you still got plenty of the chamber here on the stuff. Yeah. So because I think. I don't know what the majority or minority opinion is I don't guess. But certainly my thoughts that I shared on Twitter Friday night ran counter to to most people who do what we do. And what they were saying because it seemed like almost a consensus was this socks. This is unfair. Screw the NC double A. And I guess I would just go slightly in a different direction here. I'm on record for more than a decade. Now telling you, I hate amateurism a hate these rules. I think the ridiculous the idea that the instable and basketball coaches and universities can can profit off of the talents of these young people. But the young people can't and the people around them is is I think morally wrong completely outdated and something that I hope does change someday. And sooner rather than later. I hate the rules, but the rules are in place. And so if you get caught violating the rules there is a price to to to pay I feel badly for Silvio because there is no evidence whatsoever. That he knew what was going on. And I actually believe that he did not know what was going on. So when he has his college career ripped away from him. And the really the only thing he's guilty of is trusting an adult in his life. That stocks and I'm sympathetic to that. And it's why I would not have been outraged if the insead ably would have handled this differently because I'm on a very human level sympathetic toward toward his situation by all the counties rock-solid young, man. Good student argh worker who is now being punished for something. He had nothing to do with that sucks. But I don't know what the alternative to punishing him would actually be. Although you referenced it, and I will get to eventually, I do think there was a compromise a reasonable solution here that almost anybody could have endorsed. But I will say the alternative to the instable a affectively ending his college career is allowing Kansas to play a player who was only on campus because somebody paid his guardian to get into roller Kansas, which is why I have no idea how I have friends on that Kansas staff. I respect the Kansas have friends in the Kansas administration. And so I know they disagree with me on every level here. But I'm just being honest. I don't understand how anybody whether it's the athlete director or the head basketball coach at king's as can be so indignant as it relates to this case, I'll make this really simple. The only reason Sylvia Susa is at Kansas is because somebody was paid to send him there. That's it more. Specifically the same guy TJ s Nola who's phone record show. He texted Bill self. And told him he do anything and everything to help Kansas as players that guy. Paid Celia Susan's guardian twenty five hundred dollars and agreed to pay him more at which point Sylvia susa- community, Kansas..

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