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Control their own destiny but they have to control their side of it and they have to went out yeah this is when you look at the schedule for the stanford carter begin the see this was you know to be a tough stretch because last week they hit the huskies the defending conference champs that we're in the final four last year and then of course next week they play their final game which is intersectional rivalry game against notre dame which is having some problems or did have some problems today with navy i think they pulled it out advice i was there but nevertheless sandwich then is cal and its arrival game was always very emotional in a difficult game to play how it the advantage for the bears today having come off their first and only by week becomes late in the season so your body's pretty much matched up you're not going to recover in a week per se but nevertheless you do have extra time of the accident owes preparation for what stanford does and you do get a little relief from a physical standpoint from a physical standpoint yes you know you can recover a little bit but you also knew you nervous system gets into a rhythm of doing the same thing week after week playing a game on saturdays being physical and then recovering during the week to play again on saturdays and so for me by weeks always threw me off and i never felt like my teams no matter what league hours in played as well after a by game are by week as they did during the course of the regular season so i hated by weeks but i also hated not being in control of your playing a game of going out and winning games and so it it depends on how coaches hamlet and justin felt like they had a good week practice they got some guy some rest of been and the rest is huge ski but you have to wonder young kids college how do they handle the by we gray and the accident owes part staporn doesn't do a whole lot they're they're gonna they're going to run their thirteen set know personnel they're gonna around their 23 personnel and their 25 personnel they got five tight ends of the game and they're going to come in and try to run the ball down your throat and.

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