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Once again for america's favorite show the radio adventures dr fluid brought to you by the floyd dot com featuring special guest stars stan freberg as sherlock holmes in our last episode. We'd learned that. Donna floyd dr. Steve had made a literature jump into a classic. Sherlock holmes story where darkened floyd had been cast in the role of sherlock holmes. Trusted assistant dr watson. And dr steve had been cast in the role of classic literature. I real super villain professor moriarty. We now find. Dr floyd sherlock holmes and deep discussion as they walk along a small path in switzerland heading up to reichenbach falls. I just wished you'd return to london watson. What with word that. The police have rounded up all of moriarty's gang but the professor himself has eluded capture. Things will no doubt get extremely dangerous now moriarty will stop at nothing to get his revenge. There is no danger to great. That will persuade me to leave your shade. holmes. Well could. I convince you to stop holding my hand. Oh i'm afraid of heights. Just ask dr. Floyd and sherlock holmes reached the rock outcropping overlooking reichenbach falls. A messenger runs up the path behind them. Dr watson message for the manager of the hotel you stayed in last night. One of the other guests has taken neil in this nor the doctor around the manager. Ask that you. Please return immediately to see to hook care washington. You cannot deny that request. You must return to the hotel at once homes. I just promised to remain by your side. No matter what watson. how long have we known each other. We met in junior high school game. We know elementary my dear watson. Ooh that was a bad one the point. Is you know me well enough to know that i can take care of myself. And she posed by order you to return to the hotel at once. And i don't want any more of your rumblings of mutiny. Did you hear me watson. Oh sorry i was just waiting for a sound q. sound q. Forget it. I shall go to the hotel in return it once. Floyd reese back down the hill and as he does he turns and looks over his shoulder at the path the vegan spot sherlock holmes near the top of the falls while he can't quite see the great detective as the rock. Outcropping is hidden from view. He does see sinister looking figure creeping up the path towards the top. I wonder who that sinister looking figure. Creeping up the path towards the top could be. Wait am i. Remember the details of this story now. This is the one called sherlock holmes in the adventure of the final problem in the message about the sick hotel. Guest is a fake moriarty. Sent that message to get watch the leave home alone on the cliff show. He could confront him one on one. I gotta get back up there. Because i remember how their story ends. And if i don't make it in time it's not going to be good for sherlock holmes. Dr steve starts. Floyd dashes back up. The way he came. Let us cut to the top of the cliff above the phones. Where we find sherlock holmes coming face-to-face with his arch nemesis. Who also happens to be. Dr floyd's arch nemesis. Why hello this. Sherlock holmes moriarty. I knew you'd be here. Let me guess. You knew that. I'd be up here. Because when i visited you in your office the other day you saw that i had a spec mud on my shoe and that mud wasn't particularly brown. That can only be due to the unique mineral. Makeup of the mud found here at reichenbach falls. So you cleverly deduce tonight ben out the previously looking for places to ambush you know. I knew you'd be here because you book your travel through my brother microsoft except that it is time to finish this once and for all yards. I couldn't agree more. I agree with your agreement that it is agreed that we both agreed that. Don't start that again. Look let's just hurry up and get this fight over with. I have plans to invade russia later this afternoon. Funny i thought that was just a figure of speech. How's that nothing. Let's begin but i must warn you. Mario party that. I am well practiced in the martial art of barrett. Sue and i must one you homes that i have a black belt in screaming and running away when i'm about to lose So it begins don cherry. Take that out hickey. What whoa look out. Nice one low fat and that careful. We're getting awfully close to the edge of the cliff there. What's wrong then. Don't you like the show with a cliffhanger. Not when it's me us hanging over the edge of the cliff until foes struggle with punches other precipice. It is at this exact moment that lloyd rounds the last band in the path just time to witness a shadowy form disappear over the edge of the cliff or no. I'm wait a minute. Perhaps there's one. Small jan smith quickly reaches into the pocket of his coat and pushes the button on the translate to our remote controlled. There was a loud bang in a blinding clash of light environment. Floyd vanishes leaving only the cliff at rickenbach falls behind who was the shadowy form that toppled over the edge of that cliff. What did dr floyd hope to accomplish by pushing the button on the translate to a remote control. And just how many times mr narrator yes. I'm from the village. Green preservation society. Later find out next time on the radio. Adventures of dr flowing episode. Never seven ten of the radio. Adventures of dr flowing. Start stan freberg. As sherlock holmes be sure to pick up stanford's history of united states of america volumes one and two to hear the album that helped inspire the radio adventures of dr floyd. This episode also featured a special cameo appearance by june foray music for this episode by jodi white sides. Www dot jody. White sides dot com. This episode was written by grant pachuco. 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