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Upi beijing and see your thousands expected a few woeful slinging new york's the trooper 79 degrees mostly cloudy in new york i'm bill bruising with the stories you'll be talking about on seventy seven wabc 36yearold new york state trooper joel is being remembered this afternoon in a few role in upstate fort drum new york several thousand law enforcement officers from across the us and kemp or expected to be in attendance remembering the trooper who was killed while responding to a domestic dispute sunday night of fort drum soldiers thefts are digested walters who served to combat tours in afghanistan is charged with the cooper murder two men are charged with murder of four young men and bucks county pennsylvania layer behind bars right now i know bond v judge entered not guilty pleas for them and they've got these murder charges but more than a dozen other charges for it to them in escape corresponded bryn gingras one of the man has confessed telling investigators he would cooperate if there is no death penalty for him so far so good after one week of the socalled summer of hell no major commuting problems have been reported since the start of the major infrastructure repair project at penn station on monday amtrak says it believes plans to replace 21 tracks at the nation's busiest train station is well ahead of schedule in addition the mta's as its cautiously optimistic about the rest of the sun and good news from bits die brooklyn comoran fields the ten year old boy missing since four pm thursday when he left his home in marcus garvey boulevard to visit his grandma men a friend has turned up safe and sound i'm.

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