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John lennon was a musical genius and one of the most beloved cultural figures of the twentieth century. His songs inspired dreamers to imagine but some thought he dreamed too much others thought he was too powerful so he was followed. He was threatened. He was declared a danger to the united states. And in nineteen eighty he was assassinated blood on the tracks returns with season. Two john lennon's story premiering thursday august nineteenth blood on the tracks part true crime part historical fiction part spoken word. Low five. Beat new are brought to you by me. Jay brennan season two of blood on the tracks. The john lennon's story. We'll focus on the former beatles final decade in america. It is a tale full of paranoia. Police raids wiretaps lost weekends. Extortion and murder. Listen to blood on the tracks. Starting on august nineteenth on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts and a jump ball won't by miami next score win with a clear out there's three three two gay baxter's max strouss. Currently on a contract with the miami heat played in thirty nine games for miami last season averaging six points and that is courtesy of nba tv discover matches all the cash back. You were in a new credit card at the end of your first year. Amazing because discovers accepted at ninety nine percent of the places in the united states the take credit cards learn more. Discover dot com slash. Yes twenty twenty. One neilson report limitations do apply. Here's urban meyer. The head coach on an open competition for the starting quarterbacking role. Start against houston and a month. Is there really a chance glance as it gets closer. But it's still very much an open competition to see you. I don't think coach like the question. Is there a chance. of course. there's a chance. Is it an open competition. Course she's going to say no. I don't know if he means it but now i don't think he'd liked it from the beginning. Is there a chance. Of course. there's a chance it's one of those if you hear it in the context in which it was delivered. It's a little bit different if that was just written. Let me get some phone calls in here. Craig in pennsylvania. Hi craig five. Ten one seventy five first time caller. Love your show. Yeah had idea you guys are talking about. The field of dreams is what if the nfl played it Our military bases like say annapolis west point boulder to show support for our troops and our freedoms that they give us in the allows them to play football. I'd love it but you know the nfl. It's business that's all. It is big business. It'd be great to have a game at west point. Be wonderful the end. The giants and the jets play their let be great or naval academy bill. Belichick would love to go there. Then you know. Get the ravens against the patriots of the naval academy. That would be wonderful. If it's a preseason game you take that jeff in detroit hi jeff. What's on your mind up. One time chat row. Your technique is flawless mattis like watching a cone fu master interview. Somebody tell me that. Jim i say interview was on point. You got stuff out of it that you really want expecting about a possible. Poll question for the next eleven wants to pick up on it rich superstar hell caused more heartache with them winning championships between michael jordan. And tom brady. I mean you think about how many all famous they have snatched victory from and championships mom so who is caused more heart. I can pay for other hall of fame hall of fame athletes between tom. Brady and michael jordan. Thank you jeff. I would say jordan. Because if i look back on tom brady who he defeated in these Super bowls he lost to ally and lost one to nick. Foles those two losses to ally got are going to get eli into the hall of fame. He benefited but as far as the teams that he defeated. He beat donovan mcnabb. He beat jake delone. He beat kurt warner. And if i don't know if it would've changed anything of warner got the second one now. Maybe but you know. He went into the hall of fame. Yeah mclovin he definitely cost matt ryan twenty three. Yeah matt ryan. I don't if he wins. That super bowl. Matt ryan is probably a hall of fame because he beat the patriots and they were up twenty eight to three they could have blown out the patriots. At least we thought even holding on to win that game. Who else did he lose to glove. Well we were talking about by weird. I bet philip rivers if he does again the hall of fame like you can trace that directly to. Tom brady because he lost to him twice their best teams. Yeah yeah and lost in san diego at the time. That team was what what fourteen in two that year. A who else did radi beat. Paul brady beat the rams thirteen to three all. that's right. They saw they score. Doesn't points their. Where's jared goff today. I wonder if you can get rid of jared goff if he wins the superbowl. And can you get rid of jimmy garoppolo if he wins the super bowl. Or how long do you move on from a quarterback after they won the super bowl but jordan that affected barkley that affected patrick ewing that affected karl malone john. Stockton the cabs with that team. The pistons run ended early. Seattle supersonics with gary payton portland with that. That was a talented team. I i would say jordan probably created more heartache than tom brady do mclovin. You know. it's funny. This mahomes brady super bowl when we have a goat debate and if mahomes keeps going really well in fifteen years we're gonna make well brady beat him in the super bowl. It's gonna be tough for patrick. Leapfrog them yes. Because you had to head to head. Brady and joe. Montana never crossed paths. Elway in montana. Did a montana and dan marino. Did jim kelly. You know those guys did but you know when you think of tom brady. Tom brady at age. Forty three beat patrick mahomes. And that's one of those when you say oh you know the goat jordan and lebron never cross paths craig in washington. Hi craig what's on your mind today. Hey p. a Was just coolest Football venue i remember being at texas motor are not texas motor bristol motor speedway with college football game like one hundred fifty seven thousand people. That was really awesome. Nfl could really make some money off of.

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