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I don't know i didn't have a problem with it i thought it was good i didn't i didn't have one problem that even even when i saw them dancing and every time who knows who was drinking what didn't have had zero concerned about them finishing the regular season surprise to me that i saw that a lot of people like you said were irritated by it i mean like like i if you're an athlete that wants to go out have fun especially with your teammates i mean people recording everything that's going on unless it was just told before this is what we're gonna do we're gonna video it like if you want to have a couple of pops have a couple of puffs no one's going to even say anything but yes it's the fact that i i just don't like that it was taped yeah i like that that's the world we live in though i mean everything's taped everything's recorded and when you're not not really not really when you're a superstar those of those guys level in that's just that's the world you live it i guess you have to cherish those private moments even more when you're a global superstar like steph but you know if you're if you're on steps level everybody's got a camera following you everywhere you go probably is tiring about steph i be irritated as hell that's just that's two thousand eighteen nba for sure no doubt what else on your mind but whichever what else you got going on tonight we have a lot of things to get to obviously would it be talking nfl at eight thirty brett ganey is going to hop on lot of movement in the nfl jordy nelson visiting the raiders visit the niners alan robinson going to chicago lot of things happening a lot of things happening in the nfl so we'll talk to brett ganey thirty how do you feel if your aj mccarron right now i don't know it's an interesting move right i mean very good question actually i don't know how i would feel if i'm aj mccarron at feel like crap or they're starting to the i mean you're mike glennon signed yet another deal before you your opportunities.

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