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One owes us a penny. And we're living in a generation. Of a victimhood psychology. When you got race pimps like revenue out vitamin D Deficient. Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan. Benjamin Crump. Every time there is a case of a young black kid. Getting shot by a white cop in we don't know. No. Kill me. Ascertain what happened between the cop in the kid? You're not told that by the media. It comes Benjamin Crump. So Benjamin Crump doesn't care about the family of Rianna Taylor. Benjamin Crump doesn't care about the family of Eric Garner here in New York City. Benjamin Crump doesn't care about the family of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It's all about money. To these race hustlers in these race, Pimms Hmm. This is your host and moderator here today on global Spiritual Revolution Radio Bishop Larry Gators. Teaching you this Sunday afternoon college in universally lecture. Through the W or are 17 A M Network, The Voice of New York the cancer of critical race theory. So critical race theory must be abolished. The framework of communism. The framework of fascism, the framework of socialism. And Leninism and Maoism. Is based upon Destroying one race of people in order to give victimhood status to another group of people that is wrong. Every governor in our country must stand up and have the testicular fortitude to say critical race theory would not be taught. And our colleges or universities or high schools or middle schools, nor At the elementary school level and critical race theory would not be taught. At the local, county or state or federal level. It's another former Marxism. And so anti for being the military arm. Ah, black lives matter. Black lives matter being the propaganda on of anti fur. These organizations and deeper in black lives matter. Then nothing more than modern day terrorist organizations. I don't care if you don't like it or not. Somebody has to have the testicular fortitude and the backbone to say what needs to be, said the cancer of critical race theory. So you're killing white Children that their parents are even because their wife that Chan is evil because they're white that parents are evil because the way And that every single white person is a racist. That's a lie from the pit of hell. Good. Then let's go deeper into this critical race theory because and it's very core. It's Marxism. Communism. In the 20th and 21st century. Has murdered over 175 million people in the 20th and 21st Century's alone. 175 human beings Web been slaughtered because of communism through critical race theory, But now you got people like Barack Obama, Joe Biden. Okay. Joe Biden, Michelle Obama. Including those Nancy Nancy Pelosi, Check his humor. Adam Ship this ship trying to push this racing racist educational dogma? Yes. Critical race theory and connection to the 16 19 project in connection To anti burn black lives matter. They're trying to destroy our republic. So the 16 19 project wants to replace the original Constitution of 17 76. Now was the worth of Founding Fathers. Perfect. No. Where they flavor owners. Most of them were, but they repented to God in the end, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin Okay? John Hancock. They repented. Near the end of the lies Thomas Jefferson. These men were moved by the mind of God to create the greatest document second on Lee to the Bible in human history, the 17 76 American Constitution. But these devils on the left, they want to replace that with the 16 19 project. From a woman who doesn't love white people. Now I have nothing against Dr Nicola. Okay? Jones head. I have nothing against her. But Dr Nicola Hannah Jones was turned down to be 18 it professor and rightfully so because many Christian conservatives groups were protests against The university, North Carolina, Given this woman 18 year position She's the winner of the of the MacArthur Fellowship Genius Grant. And the Pulitzer Prize Award winning author. This woman, a communist Dr Nicola Hannah Jones wants to replace The greatest documents second only to the Bible, the word of God 17 76 the American Constitution and wants to replace it. With a fraudulent Race based fairy constitution called The 16 19 project, but it's not gonna work. This is the reason why We as American patriots, we have to take a stand. Why is it now? That our churches in our schools, especially our elementary schools, where your Children are attending, but they're being taught by drag queens. Does that make any sense whatsoever? No. Drag queens are teaching your Children. They don't want Christ to come into the schools. They don't want the word of God. The Bible. They don't want the gospel of Jesus Christ nor the teaching of the Holiness of Christ. But they work They got the nerve to bring in and drag Queen. Oh, please. Okay? And not just into the school system. They're bringing drag queens..

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