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Goodman let's say you have a one hundred percent cotton red sweatshirt what's the best water temperature to use when you're watching it is it hot warm or cold cold yeah not Jason Goodman you are the champion interrogating since let's go in and check in with our very own intern Squidward live on the streets he's looking for toilet paper what do you call an intern Squidward where am I calling from I'm calling from the party here in Greensboro okay and you're calling your mission is what what your what you call your mission it operation FCP find toilet there it is the base that I like it not not a joking matter not a joking matter now very serious they were always very certain believe it or not we might have hit the mother lode really here at target your a target we have a name brand we have angel soft we have quilted what never mind never mind a lot we'll discuss that in we will have the all brand we have to offer them the offering we have stopped the strong in alter strong so you whichever one you prefer I don't know what those are how many patches all paper do you think you have there we have about four angel software and all the off brand I would say a solid like twenty twenty the mother lode the mother lode yeah the model out and but I will say when I walked in first I saw the employees stocking yourself and since then about how people moved on your short list okay sure live model all right well if you're close to that target on prefer parkway Greensboro are you if you want all paper now's the time our head to the next location yeah I wonder I have a good job thank god speed is like quilted no never mind has gone it just got somebody just took it all right we have a mandate and I can I can understand him feeling this way but a man got nervous when two women that face mask on for Tim because he's older and he thought may have chronic virus he pulled a gun on this okay is threaten to shoot them because I Hey get away from you get too close what was your address that story coming up here to get in the morning.

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Jason Goodman, Squidward, Mother Lode discussed on Jared and Katie

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