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I'm going to simplify the matia rose rather than my instruction yes and this is actually the missiles misunderstanding. So so that's why. I like my colleague. Davey davey. Hugh taught me a lot of teachers to teach very simple staff in mathematics and in the math. Math educations math. Educators are angry sou- which shouldn't teach simple software students when you do have some challenges when you to teach complex materials to our students. But i thought i thought they were also the or the teachers here in the uk. We are not going to simplify. Muttiah rose while going to simply raccoon to simplify all going to change the instruction. So so i think we need to really emphasize wacko to reduce the extraneous load the intrinsic load and also i think I think because kaga camilo theory focuses on precision knowledge and as we know math education. A lot of research has has already indicated that the procedure knowledge and conceptual knowledge. Actually the they actually mutually help each other. So so you you have. You have good kasich jonah. Standing you probably have a record Knowledge and the entire. You have a good knowledge and which will supports your conceptual and ending. Just i think. Ceo t property work some conflicts complex materials procedure knowledge. So we so we use blow theory to facilitate compressor knowledge learning. And then that will support your under concept understanding if you want to know. The learning theory focuses on conceptual understanding. I think the teachers may interesting product. Failure prophet or really math concepts so the So monitor couple. Used the for failure to teach math concepts say. Ot didn't do that. Odin for procedure generally thailand folk song concept's concept of knowledge by the failure folk song concept of knowledge so the provider can give teachers some thoughts about how to teach concepts. This is interested right while you've opened to kinda womb zero house. I've off soft two things. I want to ask you here. I definitely want to come to a bit of little. Bits of Failure let let me just let me. Just go back to the this notion of extraneous load. Because i agree with you here. And whenever. I'm looking to speak to teaches about cooperative load cereal or just op discussions. This seems to be. We've mentioned before congress coincide low theories is potentially controversial. But i don't think it's controversial to say that we should try to reduce this extra whether we call extra slowed whether we call it distractions or things that make information harder to process. It seems really logical that that should be something that we aim to do with our instruction. And as you as you say that. I'm freeze it. Working memory resources to think hard about material itself. So can we just speak practically out. How and knowing what you know knowing gold research that you've done interactively theory. What are some of the really practical things teachers can do to to reduce that extraneous. Load okay so so far because generous. Spain cochran theories and instructional theory so our aim is going to improve things structure also generate innovative instructions to teachers. So i think each each cognitive effects could be applied in a classroom. They of course are very classy. Winds rookie simple effect. So so while. We teach novices Knowledge we should present on novus rookies temple proper solving pairs so way so which means way show novices a rookie sample. First and then to the student solve similar problems by using that burke's ample and also an as you mentioned display attention fact. I noticed this effect is very is. Where is a way of knowing you k now and so for example. Welcome to teach sunk. Matrouh problem in the traditional textbook. Are we actually separate the geometry each dietrich geometry shape from the solutions by ceo t. Actually we suggest we need to integrate the solution onto the geometry shape so ally because if we separate the jumped ship solution their students new to search the to restore ses information that will re consumed working member resources by intech the to resources the students johnny to search and information of the learned the two resources for mission directly. So i think this is a two effects an- and also another effect. I think you are actually using now record. The animal isolation isolate- isolated adamant into effect. I think you are using not because you show students on. One step of archaism. Then at our state will over example so for traditional ricky example we show actually shows students the whole all of the solutions of wreck example. But sometimes that may madam may cost that may cause high intrinsic load or the extra nurse load so so we could actually separates the rookie zambo by so issues. Students won't step of rookie sample and dan that our stay over kazan pool and then we show the whole picture of the example says the isolated admiral inch adamant effects so another effect. I think the we have also the alternation of rookie example effect. Is the go. Free facts the go. Free fat is also Actually we are not going to saito specified go unto solve a problem for example we We show students triangle and we give maybe one of the the value of the value of one of the angles and we are not going to say this calculates and the angle of abc by the way say can relate as many angle on the value of anglo as possible. You can actually eliminate the specific. Oh and to go free problem that will also reduce the extra new sloat. I see yet some really really practical things i love. How how and just before we we move onto. Reflections is okay just to speak a little bit about productive failure. I assure i'm happy to how fantastic. Yeah this this is an interesting on this and and as you say if if if this is potentially a way to if teachers have got in their head right if i teach some procedure procedural knowledge i wanna teach a method. I'm going to use these ideas at this example problem parents but now i need to really get my students thinking hot solving problems on the stunning. That conceptual knowledge. What do i use now. And as you suggest predictive failure may maybe maybe one avenue they could go down. Could you just give us a very brief brief overview. What what what is productive failure. What's what's the theory on. How okay so. So the product failure was suggested by one of my colleagues in singapore karamanou carpal by my new capone. Now is verging. Ath in switzerland's now hey wrench and such as this framework because a. Hey what he was thinking. We students could benefit. Something found the failures because Because he was teaching engineering and the mathematics seeing apple. I think many years ago at a at mathematics and in singapore on they have caught the. Ps l. that promise school-leaving then that is a similar to cheesy jc in u. k. By the exam happens after primary school though so a lot of student actually fail edey exam So so my new thing. Property crudes design by instruction to to help senator from the failure failure and scary. And he's not scary. Wish you from the fitter and they'll be there are definitely some benefits from learning from failures. So he says a desire for the failure has two faces. The first phase is going to Design by some providence. The the the problems for for students working group to generate as many as as as ideas they could so definitely resisted because nova student or listener. Knowledgeable students will make mistakes during this stage Identify so after this stage. The teacher will Will collect all of the answers from the students and the teacher will consolidate students answers. I like an uncertain Can you give me an example. Because i wanna read the predictive failure electra. I sometimes struggle to to pitch. What these kind of problems are is an unstructured kind of open-ended contextual problem or is it is it just a simplex solving equation. what kind of problems. With these d- that the students will be working. I think very classic problem. My new us is is about the Latitude team two football teams and two and the different score sauce for for each team so it could have two columns of unskillful each team and today and he asked to to to two essays. Which team is more stable for their future performance. So we need to know the actually this problem taps on the standard deviation to teach the constable standardization so students may mid may don't know may not know the formula of standardization by they may a Other ways to evacuate which team a will be more stable. We'll have more stable performance in the future. As i see so students of that they not necessarily been the may know some simple averages and so on but they have not necessarily taught on the deviation. So yeah it's the working through this problem. That coach got lots of different ideas than i got. I grew up to do the teaching them brings it to the board and consolidate so what happens then so so as the second the second phase teacher.

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