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Take you with mark carnival and just a moment ago stenson played his third about four feet now roy mcelroy long and right plays short of the green great for third day here today but that pays but it hit the flagstick on worry mcelroy now a co leader the two thousand eighteen nassar's with the whole al how about that charlie rhymer rory mcilroy eagles whole number eight and he is now in a share of the lead with patrick read that some kind of a golf shot right there he just did not have a good angle at all just absolutely played it perfectly so rory mcilroy with the eagle at a is now in a share of the lead he's five under through his first eight holes that baldwin with a little bit of speed but the line was awfully good that a couple of really nice break so far in this round second shot he hit out a fairway bunker to could have gone anywhere ended up getting on the green so roy macaroni putting together a very special master saturday charlie players playing in the group ahead jordan speeds and dustin johnson they had to back off their second shots behind us at nine ryan morin johnny vegas or finishing up eighteen they had to back off because of the roar that came rolling down the hill from whole number eight that's where we take you again.

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