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But Caesar fever that as well as anybody. Let me get an observation for both new Ricky Henderson with the Oakland A.'s and everything and he went to New York as well, and I was always concerned and voiced it on my show that that market was going to eat him up because I I just didn't know if he could handle all the things that would be coming at him. You had him as a ball player. Tell me a little bit about you know your thoughts on him going to a New York market well, of course He did quite well, you know. Ricky Ricky is one of the most talented players in the history of the game in every dimension and throwing the hitting the running the stealing everything so ricky It wasn't. It wasn't as easy as Oakland where he grew up and where the fans tend to be much more tolerant. But Ricky did quite fine in New York and I think because he was so good. I think he was however quite happy when he came back and rejoined the age in the late eighties, and of course, was on our world series winning team in nineteen eighty nine ricky's ricky is a wonderful person you. WanNa talk about wonderful people ricky is. Up there like Tom seaver. Yeah. I would agree with you about that Roy is an art with us. This is inside angle will continue talking about some of the top stories in sports as we continue across the country and around the world on sports byline. I'm GonNa tell you how you can get real healthcare for as little as six dollars a day. Yes. Now you can get affordable health care for you.

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