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Report on WW J, NewsRadio nine fifty numbers in the Michigan state lottery, your daily three, four to six in your daily four one two seven six here you fantasy five numbers one eight, fourteen thirty and thirty eight and your mega millions numbers drawn on Friday night, seventeen nineteen twenty seven forty and sixty eight and your mega bowl east to that Megaplier is three. There was a apparently a winner or winners in that drawing. So now the jackpot it. Falls to an estimated forty million dollars and your Powerball jackpot it's around fifty three million dollars, w w j news time, three twenty-seven attack on your drive, and your Accu weather forecasts for the rest of your Saturday. Stay with us. WW gay NewsRadio nine fifty is partnering with the transportation improvement association to remind you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, distracted driving is the number one cause of fatalities for drivers between the ages of sixteen to twenty nine no text, message social media up date, Email, or other distractions worth ending a life. Together, we can save a life and prevent injuries. Log onto WW j NewsRadio dot com for more information. Sponsored by Oliver law firm. Prostate cancer doesn't have to be the second leading killer of men more men, cancer vibe, and you can help. I'm Dr Michael, lots from the M men's health foundation. Join us to fight like a man against prostate cancer. This Father's Day run, or walk at the Detroit zoo on Sunday, June sixteenth in the run for the ribbon you can start the day for data at the zoo as we raise funds to help prostate cancer, survivors, stride on to sign up, visit MIU run for the ribbon dot com or events in WW, News Radio dot com. Now traffic.

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