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Two kinds of craft mustard solid mustard, delicately spiced for those who prefer a milder flavor and craft mustard with snappy horse. Randy's added, have both kinds in your pantry, then with every meat dish hot or cold. Just add a little mustard on you Let a lot of time craft prepared mustard. This is NBC, the National Broadcasting Company. Are you a mustard? Girlie said. You like mustard. I don't use any kind of. It's really any sort. I'm not. I don't really like mustard that money, no mustard, but getting snappy horse, Radish added, Right. I'm not the man is snap because it's you know, has a little bite to it. Horseradish. I understand, but I've never been a big mustard fan. I'll catch up a big catch up fan. Yeah, no, nothing. Never put horseradish and catch up, though. Okay, But I do put horseradish sometimes in cocktail sauce When I'm having cold shrimp. That's kind of again. Don't eat it. I know. I know. That is the great Gildersleeve broadcast from April 20th 1949. And kind of a Halloween theme, because they're you know, they're figuring out what's going on with this haunted house. There. Help Harry S. Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve is heard on NBC. Hope you enjoyed that Sarah. Night. Adamson is here. Here's Sarah's backstage pass. Hi, Carl. And I don't get to talk about two movies. First up just in time for Halloween. The romantic mystery Rebecca it stars Lily, James Armie Hammer and Kristin Scott Thomas. Director Ben Wheatley takes us to the English coastal countryside. In 1938. The film is a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1940 Academy aboard Best Picture..

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