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Host Approaching very very soon our twenty, fifth, year, together, believe it or, not here in the morning Thank you Lord and thank. You are dear friends for making this possible I, want to, give mad props to Lance, Aloha Lance all who was also dialed in Beautiful Laurie Allen And, brother rate Matt and so many more who are dialed in and with, Facebook live Aloha And thank you, very much Laurie actually has some pretty good commentary, here you can share your comments where this if you, don't want him shared on the air just make a note and I won't Glory wrote. There's not a single food item imported, from China that I would eat or feed my, family tax away here you go Amen I know she's. Beautiful California gosh I miss, there's anything I really really miss, about living. In California the produce Now that it's the centerpiece of my consumptive dieting part of the, lifestyle. Gosh, I to. Be in Kelly and, doing all of that would be. Amazing here Sheesh Six ninety nine for A, carton of strawberries six nine nine People are smoking dope medical marijuana dope, but, dope, nonetheless Trying, to, push, that anyway don't Get me. Started Any we're going to get together with our dear friend Antica e green. In a moment if there's something you like to chat, about with Antica give us a call at five to one eighty three eighty three, focus will, be of course on, the very latest national international. Headlines and beyond and, then after that you and I are going to have a lot, of time together. Which, is awesome now if you're on Facebook live now in thank you very. Much for that You got to be with us during the fellas tomorrow Or not Maybe not It's So that'll be with the fellas goodfellas. Tomorrow Our radio BFF. Michelle Pollino will be on board with this During the eight o'clock, Mark is still traveling. To we'll have the seven with you and I all right we're at eight or. Nine, in the morning to take care of prime time traffic now a little bit of messaging that went to jump right in with. Antica e. Green coming up on the roof of program eight oh nine Traffic are we got improvements out there I'm TC's flagship, fast-loop traffic center much better piece for us on the..

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