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It. So it was a big hit to say the least this weekend for me. And Wakanda and I are both singing the praises of food. You could understand that we know what we're talking about. Let's take a, let's take a look. Try as you might, you can't beat our meat. It's backyard butchers dot com, use that promo code JR, I'm telling you, you're gonna be glad you did. So here's the big idea that Ricky steamboat pitches to Vince McMahon when he comes back in 1991 to the WWF. Quote, I'd never had a match where I worked as a heel. When I started in 1976, I was always a face. And the reason for that was the heel would always lead the match. Now for me to graduate to be a heel, most times you started out as a face, and then you got good, transfer over to a heel, and you were the guy in charge. So I never had an opportunity to work as a heel, although in the WWF in 91, I expressed my desire to work as a heel, and the response I got back was that it would never work. Said I was the consummate baby face, and it would probably hurt my career. I tried to push them to do it hard and said, let me go into a mask. Let me go under a full suit and cover up my body. I won't throw any chops. I'll just kick and punch and I'll be a heel. Then the big surprise. If we can carry this thing through after about a year or so, have somebody finally take the mask off and hopefully the response we would get from fans will be, oh my God, all this time it's been Ricky steamboat, but they wouldn't buy it. That's an interesting idea, Jim. Do you think it could have worked? Well, it's all about execution. It wouldn't be my first choice, Conrad. You know, I think that pat Patterson's instincts are around the money. Ricky was a baby face. That's what people wanted to see him as. And so and I understand and appreciate Ricky's desire to repackage himself and to hit the reset, but I really do. But I just never thought and maybe I'm too close minded on things like this and even in the aforementioned and often talked about Austin turn. I just didn't feel it. And I think that's for Patterson was. He just didn't feel steamboat being a heel. And that it would work. And Patterson's so much influence events don't matter like that. That it was scary. So a pattern didn't like it. There's a good chance it ain't gonna happen. Steamboat has said they told him they were going to start him off slow and build him back up to the top of the card in a few months. Well, after about 6 months, he still in the opening or second match against guys like the Brooklyn brawler or Paul Roma or skinner. He's obviously frustrated and gives notice. And they ask him to do two stretcher jobs at the October 21st TV taping. As a reminder now, this is after he came in in March of 91, so now in October, he's asked to leave and given his notice and they want him to do two stretcher jobs for the undertaker in IRS, steamboat apparently refuses. He's fired on the spot. Of course I know you're not there at this time. You're on the other station. Are you hearing about this? What's the industry thinking of. His inability to assimilate, I guess? 'cause that's the way it feels from the outside looking in now. Well, the, I think, oh, heck, the dirt didn't travel as fast then as it does now. There you go. So it wasn't like a topic of conversation on the lips of everyone. But he heard rumblings. Right. And then anytime you have a talent, IE, in this case, Ricky steamboat that might be become available again at some point in the future. That does raise a certain level of curiosity. You know, is there something we could do with Ricky as the innocent coming back here? Does he really want to wrestle anymore? How much does he want? Of his own time as he wanted to vote to his career or are we on the other side of that now and he's looking to figure a way to exit this long-term career or not? So many questions has to be answered. But if you find out that a talent of his stature and his skill set may become a bad way to join your team again, one has to be interested. Well, they are interested. It takes a whole month and he shows up in WCW at the clash of the champions. Savannah, Georgia, November 19th, just like he debuted back in 89. He's a mystery partner. This time substituting for Barry Windham. He's going to team up with Dustin Rhodes and they defeat arn Anderson and Larry's biscoe that very night to win the tag titles. Made it feels like whenever it doesn't work in the WWF, just come back to WCW. If we're gonna put you in a title picture, man, right away. Well, that's the most convenient title they had. The tag team titles are kind of been floated around here there in yawn. And steamboat was renowned as a tag team guy, even though he was a former NWA champion and had that treasury with flair that we've discussed. But is the roots of Ricky steamboat as far as main event star level was as a tag guy? And I don't know how dusty was thinking. But, you know, the more that best it could work with steamboat, the better Dustin was going to become. That's the influencer guy has. So steamboat was influenced three other guys. The opponents and

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