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Mercure in a little socks, Little Milwaukee. They see the old people from Wisconsin. Some of your Friends and family. Sure you can see a correct Christianized intern for him. The MTV Craig Cash shot the pre and post guy for Bali's Wisconsin. Sean Craig. Yes, Yeah, I saw him up there. Remember, we didn't have the Chicago feed. We're watching Brian Anderson up there. That's right, just like watching him and there was and for birthmark should have went with us on that trip. It was Barry Alvarez Day. Oh, about grandson, Jake. That's starting tight and threw out the first pitch as well. Right. It was It was a strike. Of course it was strike. Yes, Shoutout to Barry Alvarez retired. I think Wednesday. He's done. Yep. My dad retired this week officially hanging them off. Congratulations. So what? Wednesday? What? How many years? How many years of my dad's 72? I mean, I don't know. Start doing the math 50 years. I mean, the guy's picking them up and putting them down. Give you three kids a great chance of living. You know, That's right. He's I don't know He's going to kill do a little consulting he was saying, and he'll find something not retire, then Wow. But he's retired from the daily grind. Okay, like he's done, he's not putting cradles up on. Uh you know, bars, you know, sweet, lose a better person. Auditioning for this whiskey. Please get it down there, please. What do you say? Like Cramer? Yeah. Like crazy. Cramer. Retirement retired from the grind. Even Tommy Kramer. Was he talking? Oh, Cosmo, Cosmo. Cosmo. Crazy always goes back to sign film. Now we're hoodie. Not Brody. Okay? Never watched it. Never watch Seinfeld. Why would I Why? Why wouldn't you Jonathan Hood? I'm busy and working. And And And besides, you just go a third person on us. Yes, Yes. Yes. And no, I didn't. Why would I? What? I don't understand your I was watching Martin. I don't understand what you got. I like Martin. That's fine. Does have a thing for Gina. Well, of course. I mean, who wouldn't? Right? I mean, that was the flavor. Did you watch mash? Yes, I watch match to everybody watching about Dallas. I watched Dallas Fridays at eight. You give me a T V show you give me a T V show Christ before or after. I can't remember. That was after nine o'clock. Sending same after Dallas anyway, That was that was Thursday. That was Thursday nights. Landing was Thursday. Thursday You give me a T V show, I'll tell you.

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