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The name of the race i think the race before the dance smartly 'em the new york yeah yeah yeah the new york and she yeah she got kinda she got kinda stuck behind when she was trying to rally just you know that's what happened in those races they feel thought the ball up and they backup into a little bit she she didn't get out in time and i thought gee i thought she finished up good and a just didn't wanna i just wanna do you wanna sit on a they really they really wanna run in the diana really get three of four chat great one winners and an m i thought the dance smartly even though it was only three weeks away he certainly didn't she didn't she only ran at the very end of the new york and didn't have a heart race so we decided decided to decide the ship corrupt there the run and ended up winning it thing is i think she's going to stay up there though are next to starts because a the the pete taylor in early october right is is what the what the real goal is for her look like the look like the of all the races that are around it looked like it looked like the the one that might might sue the best get some great one a you know encounter on the page 'em so most and and they have race the race about a month before prep for so they decided would decide what's gonna corrupt there till then so i won't here for a while well it is is will will she get transferred to somebody or how's that gonna work but my i mike doyle will have okay yeah so a matter of fact whatever i shipper up there she goes into his barn so we were you know we we talk back and forth daily so we we got a good we got a good relationship we always we always did know he's will so 'em we'll tell me stuff about her and i'll tell you know stuff i observed from her having a year so you know it'll it'll be a team effort holy halina who now is eight per eighteen and a the you know the money piles up to and the ghost sapper daughter a out of the holy bull mayor holy grace ultimately will end up in india dina broodmare band and you would imagine and a she's been great for you she's she's just consistently we already in the third round of all i can't imagine well let's get a couple of other hits in here jimmy while we got jimmy jerkins where there's a me host talk about the i guess everybody ran into a buzzsaw with drug in the dwyer but there were a lot of people who who thought it was gonna be nielsen's day well i thought he ran i thought he ran very well i was happy with it right but a yellow is another one of those deals i didn't know if he'd be quite ready for the race 'em then he can't the hand became the hand quickly in you know he had a three of four good works back you're backed up back which and handle it well so we decided to give it a chance 'em but i thought the race with i thought it was set up for and then that's it i thought there'd be a little more pace is on paper look like there would be a lot more pace the close into and didn't just didn't pan out and he ended ended up going little little white sharks jokes are slip through and we went wide and a he probably had a legend you know just having his little break after a great great race in the derby is thought he any look terrific in the attic of course also which all of us did too but i thought i thought we're a little behind the eight ball a conditioning wise but i was i was i was very happy with the re randy cutting including the good including a good run at the head of a stretch but the horses adam just didn't do enough early so they had they had something left and just ran evenly down.

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