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Was heading home from getting food with his wife My room when he says he saw two pickups that appeared to be racing behind them. One exited the highway. The other ended up right in front of them, and I visibly see him look at his mirror. Shake his head like this, And that's when he breaks checked me. Break checked, slammed on his brakes with King right behind. Yes, it was very deliberate. He says. He thought it was road rage and the Other driver started to chase him. Even under this Wal Mart parking lot, and that's where I saw him. Giving me the finger concerned for his safety. King says he tried to speed away back into traffic, but the other driver kept coming and he was pushing a car over and he was going into oncoming traffic and made a bus swerve thing, says he did notice some flashing lights in the grill of the pickup, but didn't think anything of it at the time. So just an absolute scary situation for anybody to be in. You know what I mean? Like, how could this even like a state trooper who has this authority be able to go up and misbehave like this? Jack? I think that this is a perfect example of A. You know, somebody who is a professional, overstepping their boundaries and be a great example of the second Amendment and being able to protect yourself and luckily not lethal, killing somebody. Should be, uh, Channel five news, NBC Dallas Fort Worth, I think. What have you tried That one. Shane Channel five news, not listen to the whole entire thing. I just, said Jack. What? Oh, boy. I'm sorry. Oh, boy. Sorry. Give it to me again. Let me try. Channel five news. NBC. Dallas FORT Worth Channel five News and BC Dallas Fort Worth. No, those are all those were all that was all the meat and the bread. I need you to put the sauce in between the two. So it's Channel five news. NBC coming to you from Dallas Fort Worth, Texas so happy that everybody gets to listen to you giving me radio lessons right now, as we're letting this is great. I hope everybody in the text line really loves this so Channel five news Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. It's a mess out there, folks. Yeah, See, there you go. Shane. That's the sauce that I want because he got the meat and you got the bread. But I need the sauce to make the sandwich. Go down. Nice and smooth. You see what I'm saying? Yeah, I get what you're saying. All right, well on that notion down, so does avoided change. We have to take a really quick break when we get back. Stacy Joe Ross is going to be coming in and we're going to be talking about the fight that my neighbors are currently having right outside of my door as well as our thoughts on what it means to grow up in the 9 11 generation will take a really quick break. We'll be right back with more Kyra nights here on 97, 3 FM, Seattle Tacoma. You have finally lived to see it. Seattle's most trusted voice. The state is going to address one of the biggest choke points in Seattle, Dave Ross on Seattle's morning news. Sell your.

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