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Come on the field breaking news into Sportscenter Arts Center desk. Ohio state star Defensive End Chase Yang is being held out this weekend against Maryland as the school investigates possible. NCAA rules violation in. What a young says was a loan from a friend I just think the NC double as a bunch of nonsense? This man got a loan paid back and now he has to sit out. Fortunately for Ohio. Ohio State Sean was only forced to sit out two games contests. The buckeyes would win easily before his return against the eighth. Ranked Penn State nittany lions differed wipes his hands raises into the face. Mask comes to snap spins the football say Salaam to the pocket of the four yard line. It's chase show again to throw look into the end zone. Elevate leaks what is what a catch off. The arm of Justin fields taking a knee down by Justin fields and they're celebrating in Columbus Ohio. Say It's going to be eleven. And all that will head Ann Arbor to to take on the wolverines that left Ohio state with just one regular season hurdle to clear a showdown in Ann Arbor versus Jim Harbaugh and his thirteenth ranked Michigan Wolverines back to throw from his thirty-five field steps up. Looks any fires long down the right side for the five into the end zone and Ohio Ohio. State's Chris Alaba continues to burn Michigan Cranston fires toward the end zone for a touchdown. Karen Wilson the Buckeye Press Aspirin receiver underneath a pass from Justin. Fealty going straight ahead and he's going to be grab by Josh Mattel to safety and followed just shy of the fifty yard line clock Zeros. And it's eight in a row for Ohio state as the Buckeyes come to Ann Arbor. And they defeat Michigan by a score of fifty six to twenty seven with an undefeated undefeated.

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