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Threatened with a big stick and get get you know basically what you wanted but but threat big threats now it feels like with wilbur ross you know hitting the ground running getting to the media that getting to the heart of things i think this is where it where some of the worries come back we'll come back after some relief for the mexican peso let's say uh because we're starting to see details that actually could make it into a new nafta yeah the piece is called a nafta rules are killing our jobs and he closes with a with a strong statement he said the that is going to change it or president trump and this is only just the beginning rules of origin just the the beginning uh go i gotta tell you that i was i was working at the state of texas when nafta went in and we we benefited and continue to benefit immensely from all the nafta trade corridors that come right up through the stain on the longest dinner in the country i thirty five live comes right up through the centre of taxes and is the main vein of nafta in all of the ansa larry businesses that popped up along the way supporting all of the the uh motor vehicle manufacturing on both sides of the of the border there has been a boon for the the state think saw that we get we get law last to end just looking at net trade numbers in thinking that it's it's not good policy that doesn't mean it's not dated and certainly i would be a fan of looking at any trade policy that's twenty semi years old but i'm not i'm not sure that there's a whole lot that needs to be done there mentioned the trade they'd let me just ask you about that an in particular we've heard all of the rhetoric and we wonder what might or might not happen or we'd be beginning to see changes in the trade data itself as a result of this administration's policies uh not as a result of the administration's policies but yes we are seeing much better net trade data on the uh are are leading indicator of global trade started turning up sharply last summer that's not a trump trade that's well before the election on and on the back of that we could see that global growth was strengthening i eat the.

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