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Jul St weight gain among women in their forties fifties and sixties is a common problem a recent Mayo Clinic study looked at the causes of abdominal obesity and the many health risks that it poses there are physiological changes so you know as we age we lose muscle mass also as your aging we're losing the men are the levels of the million hard one testosterone so our body is burning fewer cavities so the rules of the game change if you don't change anything you will gain weight because you have to take that extra step to be able to maintain your weight as you enter these midlife years and criminologist Dr ekta Kapoor explains what conditions midsection weight gain can lead to having high blood pressure which again women in the post menopausal years are more predisposed to having high blood sugar women before they hit menopause the risk of heart disease is pretty low and then it just skyrockets after menopause there is also a high risk for some cancers for more information talk with your healthcare provider or visit Mayo Clinic dot org let's roll I made this recording for my home here in Minneapolis and this is in the Bible so here goes missing in the midst of a global pandemic and I'm sure you have a question my background is in health care public policy advocacy and we're gonna have great conversations that are filled with realism and hope and I hope you subscribe today wherever you get your podcasts and hash tags to help with the corona virus spreading we must all act now to slow it down taking care of ourselves and not putting others in harm's way especially those already at higher risk including people over sixty five or those.

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