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Threes. Who ever going to start right downtown Bhanu problem on 93 sound the lower deck first off it's jammed up from Sullivan is square. With the right wing crash right at the start of the second bridge, so stay to the left to get by and give yourself some extra time. It is backing up quickly coming in from the north Elsewhere south of the city, the expressway inching along from the tunnel, and most of the way down through we smelt and it picks up a little. Then you're slow going down into Braintree. It's pretty slow most of the way down. Honestly, it's about 40 minutes now from the tunnel down to the split. North pounds. Not bad coming in just slow passing over Neponset Circle. As for three South yet you've got brake lights coming off the expressway, But it's good down Password 18 into South Weymouth and hang him 1 28 south sloth who need him. Slow down pass through. One indebted delays continue on the Cape. Route six East is locked up over a mile sandwich into Barnstable as a crash cleanup continues before Exit five state of the left to get by there. And delays up to the north. 1 28 North is hung up Route 38 past 93 in Woburn. This report sponsored by Audible, whether it's me time or family Time Audible is your perfect companion with best selling audio titles. Everyone could enjoy fine entertainment, learn a new skill or just relax with audible anytime anywhere. Your first audio book is free at audible dot com miking W. P. Z's traffic on the three. Now we get a check of the four day accurate The forecast steers Bryant. A good deal of clowns around into tonight will be a couple of showers. And perhaps a thunderstorm early. There will be some patches of fog later on a low down to 64. Still plenty of clowns.

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