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Let's get right to got to camp back show. Coming your way today. Several issues to discuss about LeBron James see the Steelers having James Connor out of the CBO future. Probably at least two to three weeks. They be even as much as four weeks the rest of the regular season. That is Colin Kaepernick, the Washington Redskins, entertaining, the possibility of bringing him on board at alternately Pooh poohing that idea, and of course, Patrick Beverley being five twenty five thousand dollars are Aaron Rodgers audibly. Ignoring offensive play calling on a part of Mike McCarthy, according to numerous reports all of that stuff. Plus more are things that we need to get into not to mention if I head coach for the Dallas Mavericks winners of non of their last eleven five of their last six two straight. The Dallas Mavericks. I'm talking about led by apparently imminent rookie of the year. Luca Danni would definitely gonna talk about him with head coach recall up. He'll be on the show with us scheduled to be. On the show with us in a few minutes or so somewhere halfway through this hour. Also, Paul finebaum will be on with us to start up. Our number two. Let's get right into it. Because some very interesting and compelling quotes was given. And this isn't just about Kevin Durant talking about LeBron James. This is about a franchise any franchise out there. That's looking for star the magnitude of LeBron James and wondering contemplating vacillated back and forth between what they should take into consideration and what they should summarily ignore. Because when you listen to the things that are said about LeBron James, you have to take into account the source, and I gotta admit to you since the source is Kevin Durant. Who reportedly said this to rebuke of the Bleacher report, Rick Butte rebuke, who could trigger you gotta show right here on Sirius XM. I've known Rick Beukah for years. Phenomenal NBA reporter did an outstanding job incredibly nice guy, by the way as well. Let's keep in mind, if he's saying something, and he's quoting you article on the Bleacher report, it would behoove you to listen. And when you listen to what Kevin Durant said to him via his article on a Bleacher report, it cannot be ignored. And let me read you the quote because this is Kevin Durant. Speaking about LeBron James. Any article warriors forward? Kevin Durant who has been more ambiguous about his potential free agent plans for next summer said he understands why certain stars might balk at joining forces will LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Started singing like about listen to these quotes. It depends on what kind of player, you are Durant said if you call corporate then it makes sense because Carl corporate in Atlanta was the bulk of the office, and he's not a number one option at all not even close. So as talents benefit more from a guy who can pass and penetrate and get him open. If you're a younger player like a koala Linnet tried to pair him with LeBron James does it really make sense controlling the offense dictating tempo with this post ups?.

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