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Well of course i my my pet hypothesis is that the most critical rewiring is going on in the frontal cortex and we and weirdly enough we have just finished a study in left or and both in primates and in roses we can't do this and humans obviously where we looked at the sect's for example of marijuana on the on i'm going to bet the ventral medial prefrontal cortex well you're getting very close frontal or a frontal system it it it's the insular cortex insulin the and yes and the media and what happens is that after repeated exposure to marijuana these unpublished i hate to talk about them in public but they are all all reading abstract form it and that's been reported there's a single molecule called d c c which is cr really creepy sounding because it's deleted in colorectal cancer and this this gene happens to be very critical not only in being absent in certain forms of cancer but in the brain it helps to guide doping circuits and only does it in the adults and bring and no other time and we found the this little molecule this this you know messenger are in expression was very dramatically changed in the it was dramatically up regulated in the front in in the insular cortex in adolescence are i wonder will mediate some of the unusual changes we see with cannabis adolescence and that is precisely where the research is going if another thing i just i just have to finish the the most interesting thing is that the up regulation was completely mitigated in the presence of connecticut dial.

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