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Really. Yes, sir. All right, we'll kick in. But that may just time for our final text line. Trivia of the evening. 85561616 20 the accident. Mortgage talking text line, no prizes. Virtual hug socially distant high five Greg Spinning in his chair, My own Dying admiration. Tonight's theme Dracula. Our final text line trivia Question of the night. What? Dracula Accessory was buried with Bela Lugosi. Was it his black Silk Cape? A set of fangs, a rubber bat or Dracula's cross. What Dracula Accessory was buried with Bela Lugosi is Black Silk Cape, a set of fangs, a rubber bats or Dracula's cross 85561616 20. First include your name so we can give you a proper shoutout here on text line Trivia. Okay, We're talking about names that parents have regretted giving their Children or names that Children have regretted their parents giving them if you would like to jump in on that. Please do. Ah got just one more to more. I think I don't like I don't think they regretted or care. But my name is Latino, and I'm black. I always get asked about it and have to explain that it was completely arbitrary and I speak no Spanish. Headed to clarify. I'm not saying I have a Latin name. My name is literally the word Latina Dan from New Berlin jumping in quick Ah well. The 262 came in first, no name, but they said Cape Dan says. Cape Craig says Cape Cape Is the correct answer His black silk cape Bela Lugosi, buried with his black silk cape texture from the 262 with no name virtual high five to you socially distant celebration, Greg spinning in his chair. Put a little something extra in your timecard for this, Greg, when you would you submit your going above and beyond. And I appreciate it. Yes. His black silk cape. So good for you. I will finish with this last name that somebody regretted on Lee because it has a what sounds like a kind of Ah, tie in for Ah, for this area and for a story that we have On tap before I was born. My dad wanted to name me Harley after his favorite bike, But my mom insisted that I needed a Bible name and age four. I chose a nickname for myself because I couldn't pronounce this Bible name. I wonder if it was Jebediah. You could pronounce. Matthew Mark, Luke John. You know, it's gotta be. It's gotta be one of the Old Testament name. I'm guessing Ah, but that is a teen. I question my younger self's choice and explored new nicknames, including Harley When I brought this idea to my dad thinking he'd be pleased. He got red faced and yelled. I had to sell that bike to put you in school. It's nothing to me now. Just a random chunk of metal. You want to be named after a random, chuck a metal fine. I'll call you crankshaft. How about that? And he did for, like, two years. I don't know where the regret is in that story, but it's somewhere so be careful. Play DOH. You do yourself a favor. Don't name your kid something some soul. Difficult in an effort to be unique because you're not making your kid you know, you're doing it to make yourself seem unique. Right. This is all this is all very narcissistic. It's all about you. So allow your child to come up with their own personality. Do that. Don't Don't name them Apple. Donate them skid Mark Tony, I I tell you what if my, if my parents had named me skid mark the minute I was old enough, I would've punched my dad in the throat. Can't have kids..

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