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We're in for. Max we're also on sirius. Xm channel eighty where you can hear us. We are going to get to. Who's going to have the best career of this rookie quarterback class. But i do want to go back for just a second to the phone. Lines to the dr pepper hotline. Because i asked people to give the athlete. They had an irrational hatred for and some of these made sense. Lebron somebody said joe kim though but there's someone on the phone right now that has one that makes no sense to me like of all the people to pick. It seems odd to me so rob in virginia. Who is it. You have an irrational sports. Hatred for josh beckett warmer pitcher in josh beckett why yeah why well It goes back to goes back to the two thousand. Three world series My friends and i were tapped to a ceremonial detail at the world series. Game to and Being yankee fans as well as marine stationed in the area we were curious. About touring the stadium so we went to go towards the stadium before getting into our uniform and josh beckett was the starting pitcher for the marlins and started warming up. Well he didn't like the fact that we were looking at him and his manager shut the gauge in our faces. Wow so you if that was eighteen years ago and it sounds like it's still fresh in your mind i can picture it The glances i- convicted of the catcher. And then the pitching coach coming over. I will give him a pass that we weren't in uniform yet but he didn't know that we why were there he just thought we were watching him up in reality. Want looking at yankee stadium. We didn't care about him. Well i i thought it was weird now. I understand. I can understand why you hate josh beckett. Thank you very much in virginia. See a lot of these stories. Make sense you can understand then personal touch to it too. You know eighty eight say. Espn former toronto raptor. Michael bradley wants my friend was falling back in a chair and he tried to grab him for support and he just let my friend fall and said. Don't try to grab me. I know that the terrible move. He wasn't even good. And i still remember that many many years later. Now guess here on the max kellerman show join us. On the goodyear hotline like keyshawn. Johnson will be with us next hour but with you for every mile on the road to greatness is good year because goodyear is more driven now pro football focus so wonderful group of people over there. They decided to grade all the five rookie. Quarterbacks in the preseason and i'm going to tell you what they found the number one Performance matt jones from the patriots was ninety. Two point two zach. Wilson was eighty five point seven. Trevor lawrence was a seventy eight point. Three justin field was sixty. Seven point six and trae lance was fifty six point seven. I don't know what those numbers mean. But i know that there's a difference between each of them. Do you think looking at these five quarterbacks. I kind of have a question for you in a unique way. Who do you think is going to be the best this year out of these quarterbacks and then who's going to be the best over the course of their career sure i appreciate the work that pro football focus does but you're grading preseason game so i take it with a grain of salt. Obviously what you're seeing out. There is not what you're going to see in the regular season. I think this year mack. Jones has the best chance to be the best quarterback of that class this year long term matt. It really should be trevor lawrence as number one overall. Pick but i worry about jacksonville. Good things just don't happen in jacksonville. I mean i understand why he's there he had to be there. You've got urban in there now. I mean maybe that's gonna change things but just that's just been a culture of almost non-stop losing for a long long time. So i mean trey. Lance is still really raw. He has to develop. I think there is potential there. But i can't see it yet because i think it's so far away from happening that wilson's playing for the jets. I mean come on the jets. We know like the bears have a difficult time at that position. I think just feel has a chance has a chance but matt every time we talk about the bears. They're quarterbacks have the caveat out there that they don't develop quarterbacks in seventy years it has been seventy years seventy long years. I haven't been alive for all of them but as a bears fan. I feel like i am. I don't think any of these guys are going to be good this year. Like even jones in no matter what people say like he'll have probably a good game maybe even week one and everybody'll say while watch out. Here's the mac train but he'll he'll struggle. He'll probably get hurt at some point during the year. That's what happens. I think trevor lawrence will be up and down. He'll make some amazing place. So make some bad plays. I feel like i feel. Sorry for zach wilson. I just don't see any scenario where this year goes. Well for them for him. I would rather be. Justin fields are trae lance. 'cause i don't think they have to play but i would say long-term give me trevor lawrence. I gimme justin field second this year if i got to pick one jeff picking mack jones. Yeah i think he set up to have the most immediate success. Unless andy dalton goes out there and gets hurt week one they gotta put justin fields and even though that happens that's not their ideal scenario and the whole thing blows up in their face. See a lot of quarterback bust but we don't see a lot of quarterback bust. That are can't miss that guys come in and go this guy's not going to fail. We get those once every ten years. Andrew luck right. Well that's what. Trevor lawrence is so i just not gonna believe he fails because i just don't think it happens. We are one week away from the start of the nfl season one week. I can feel it in my bones. We.

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