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Let me give you that will split it up. We'll get into these phones with you on are you separating Brady from some Patriotaid Jared and just in terms of the game. What scares me from the New England perspective is a couple of things number one those two interior defensive tackles if sue and Donald are on their game. They can wreck and dominate and it will be interesting because there isn't just one patriots offensive linemen that will be charged with dealing with them. There's going to be a couple and they're going to throw fullbacks in there. And they're going to throw tight ends in there. So get ready for that extra help and the tackles Trent Brown and Marcus cannon have to play big. So from the New England perspective those two big boys in the middle. I'll be interested to see how they deal with gronk is that a Mark Barron situation. What do they do? They hit him on the line of scrimmage because if you line someone up over him, and they run the ball mean one of the bigger things that's not been played up enough about grunk is that if you don't have a plan for him. He could still beat you as we've seen the last couple of weeks. But also if you line someone close enough and Brady checks to a run your guy is not standing up to rob gronkowski in the run game. Because that guy did just kills foles. So you know in terms of the Brady run check. It's like having a big on a small meaning a big body like gronk on a small one from someone's defense or you get his mitts on a guy like Mark. Sharon and hold them up a little bit. He's not as effective in the run game. Anyway. Yeah. I do worry about the quick strike ability of the Rams and those running backs. I'm not saying girl he's playing possum now. But I think Todd Gurley is going to be shot out of a cannon in the first quarter of this game. And we'll see if he has the ability to make it all the way through from the Rams perspective. Here's what I'd be worried about that. The patriots are going to be magicians on defense. And what I mean by that is hocus pocus, we're gonna lineup in one thing. We're going to roll to another. We're going to give you fake looks. We're gonna stunt. We're gonna stem. We're gonna move on defense. And we're gonna make Jared Goff think this is another thing. And I've said it. And I'm not saying it's a badge of honor and everything, but no one on CBS sports radio knows this team as well as I do know one. And the one thing that people are missing nationally. Is most if not all of these guys minus JC Jackson because the other dudes that were mixed Jason mccourty. Our more veteran players they meaning the patriots have guys who have played in this scheme for about three years now, and it was Brian floor is is the D coordinator who made the decision to be more aggressive. He can't do that. If you don't trust the players within the defense to react. It's going to be a team effort for the patriots. There are no real. Yes. The gilmore's premium good player. He stands out, Trey flowers may stand out, but they beat you with team defense, and they're great at it. And they've got experience and that makes them very dangerous to Jared Goff and offensively. The Rams are doing a good job at talking about how they got to stop the run. And that's number one. And that's great. But if you don't think if Tom Brady's got spread it out and throw it fifty times if you think he doesn't have it in him. You've got another thing coming. It's just you just be another doubting Thomas out there who would probably get proven wrong or be on the few times. You're right. You could stand up and crow and tell everybody how smart Yar, but the odds are in the favor that if it turns into Tom Brady needing to throw it fifty times that there'll be some ugly throws in there. But, you know, come crunch time. If it's close don't give him the ball. And that's another factor in this game to how will the time of possession battle go with who has the lead. You know, if the patriots have say a ten point lead in the fourth quarter. Do they slow it down and can execute their run game. And for the Rams, you know, it's either can they play ketchup. Can they race out to the big league? Can they hold it? I mean, we have general ideas to how the patriots will respond to most situations offensively. How will the Rams to the Rams have a ten point lead fourteen minutes to go fourth quarter? Can they run the ball and move at the way they need to to not give it back to the patriots? Or at least put more points on the board and make it tougher on them. So there you go in synopsis, can you separate your patriots hate? And appreciate the star of the Tom Brady is and what he's about to do. And I gave you my thoughts on the game. I think the patriots win thirty four twenty four grab a line. Eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four. Two two seven the real gresh G R E S H on Twitter role. Baby. Let's go America. It's the gresh show on CBS sports radio and the radio dot com app..

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