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Watch them golf. 18 Carter 18 Car garage. Wow, cool with waterfalls. It's a It's a beautiful among its only 2.9 million bill. That's a deal. You do have to have a private showing. You can't just show. You know, there's no already house. I've already gonna look at all. You're okay. Yeah, I don't I don't care for the grout They used in the bathroom. A dealbreaker not I said, Sorry. I don't care for the ground. That's my sign off today, but Whether a slight chance of showers maybe even the thunderstorm later this afternoon and warm 86 for Ah, very warm First day of fall. 85 tomorrow could be a pro 90 by Thursday. Then we dip back down into the seventies for the rest of the weekend. Traffic. We have a driver alert for Santa Quinn Southdown I 15 north of Santa Quinn. Main Street will be reduced to one lane between 2 A.m. and 9 A.m.. Hers are building foundations for a new overhead message signs or expect travel delays through there. And other than that, things seem to be moving well. I'm looking at the u dot website and It's like I've got green cameras all up and down the Wasatch front. But if you see something, you Khun text it to us 33986 injured in an accident. Everyone deserves an advocate. Call 81355 55 50 or go to Utah advocates dot com. Here's boner. Candidate number three. Get out of my.

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