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Vera Joe at nervous this weekend. Mervis Diamond Importers Before details, go to Mervis diamond dot com Southland weather From Ko Phi. It's cloudy today with patches of fog and drizzle near the coast in the morning and then highs will be in the sixties. Some of that cloud cover will give way to sun in the imminent valleys in the inland empire. I will be in the seventies inland, Foggy and cloudy, This'll morning study also in the in the Empire Highs in the mid seventies, right now it's 57 degrees in Sherman Oaks. 61 degrees in Culver City, 61 degrees and win a park and 61 degrees and orange. We lead local. Why, from the KO Phi 24 hour news room, I'm Brian Broom. This'd is handle on the law. Marginal legal advice where I tell you, You have absolutely no case if you're injured, Need a lawyer go to handle on the law dot com And if you're a lawyer and want to join our team because people desperately need your help go to.

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