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Welcome back to starting episode I do I do think the division is late vision if you were to strap one hundred wins to him who else do you and I'll ask you I think the at least when a fucking game I was GonNa ask you do you think the Indians give up any sort of a fight give any sort of a different bias to Louis yes of three games because baseball is a game mm-hmm in which on any given day kind of like on any given Sunday on any given day Dope Nak can go out there and give you seven shut sure you don't expect it but that can happen over the course of a series there's a chance that dope knocked doesn't show up the times and perform that way the same thing can be said for the offense so over the course of the season you've hammered the baseball you've okay in the home run record you've broken the team home run you've had all the success but now in a small body of work here over the course of let's say three to five James What brand of baseball are you capable of playing especially against this high level of competition this other lineup here because it's not the vaulted rotation of the New York Yankees that everybody was worried about it was knowing that a guy like severino a guy like Tanaka and fuck a guy like Paxton if they they go out there and give you five innings with their team anywhere near scoring or striking distance like you gotta fight on your hands and that's would happen is the New York Yankees got those types of performances from Paxton from Tanaka from seventy and not allowed though lineup to do what they do and to churn right through the Minnesota Twins Severino was very impressive in all you have the the breathing room of two nothing series lead against the Minnesota twins team that hasn't won a playoff game since two thousand three wherever the fuck it was but severino impressed me a lot I think it was more so you know you talk about Oh you have to lead in the series whatever there's less pressure but he created the pressure situations on his own like pitching out of jams bases-loaded situations the heater is at ninety nine he was able to throw the slider for strikes which was huge it was very impressive what I saw from Severino I think this idea even though it was coming from like Yankee fans being like oh no he's a mental midget look he's GonNa fuck it up again I didn't I didn't get that mhm him at all like at during the course of that that's that's the Yankee fans out there just trying to throw that crutch out there in case just oh we don't if he can I don't know I don't know you know you're up he does have his examples where he did sort of crack ah in the postseason is very impressed by Luis Severino and then you have the glacier torres not so much coming out party I think the whole season has been a coming out party for him but he's you know he's just on another on another planet right now in terms of being able to impact the game in all facets so the Yankees they're moving on you're never going to believe that the twins they didn't win a game they didn't WANNA game no no one here picked A. Sweep right I picked Yankees and four now somewhat close this week yeah so the twins the twins oh you are the closest Yankees you pick Yankees for I had Yankees and five Dallas head twins and five tough yeah the other twins winning multiple games in this series Dallas I think he meant I think he meant see the twins and five months yeah over the next five years the chip away at this what I thought the twins will get put to bed after a three for twenty eight f three for twenty eight with runners in scoring position ladies were eleven for thirty four the Yankee starters pitched to a two six three era the bullpen a two or three era for the twins well the starters in Er a north of five and a half at five point seven three in the bullpen era a nice round nine that's not what you want doesn't get it done you're not GonNa get it done we have mark Derosa in the podcast today G. role let's go of MLB network when over to Secaucus New Jersey. WHAT'S THE IT'LL BE NETWORK STUDIOS FIRST TIME I've ever been in there cool got to see all the different studios that they've got Bryn was in all our glory peacock and going back there after being in a video producer will be network walking in there is the the cock of the walk of Boston above barstool video producing it's it's really cool all to be you know get to see guys like doing shows live like I saw d road mlb central Saw Milan rose were doing intentional talk and Yeah no it was it was cool Ronan Shit it's crazy because he works it'll be networks you assume that maybe a guy there might know he does so we had conversation was a lot of fun you know do you know what the euro as long as he you guys were in the same circles boy Dell's may have crossed bats that's true that's true as cool I'm love that yeah time anytime Brian Wilson comes up. I'm like Oh see see you must know my friend Dallas Euro knows yeah no yeah yeah yeah no he does that's good the Guy Great Guy Great Guy love me some ways well without further ado here's our air interview with Mark Derosa Adobe Newark I here's Mark Derosa ah de Rope and looking forward to this one for a long time I've been looking forward chasing you down for a bit because big MLB Network Guy We're where we plug in here and just the be network postseason coverage to plug that because like if you're not watching Novi Network you're not really baseball what else are you watching you watching Dallas and now you're you're you're not all show as they got eliminated last night did you did you who your Pixel Wild Card Games pick them both right I was I was sweat now I just thought Milwaukee came down a little dinged up and to expect listen Craig Counsel had to perfect script written out but I think it's hard to be able to make sure everyone's going to be perfect yeah just talking about pomeranz yeah before we came on the on the air and it's like your guy by the way he was perfect but then hater let you down net situation it's tough when you're rolling out a script like that that everyone's going to be on point and on the flip side Strasbourg showed up in a big way yeah speaking Rosberg so we we recorded the podcast this morning and I I be interested to see what your thoughts are on this if you look at some of these matchups braves cards you have a I think like the twins Yankees I voted for twins Yankees who which underdog team do you think has the best chance to upset their their opponent yeah I would say the Washington nationals series is going to be bonkers I wouldn't if I was a bed man I put my money on the dodgers but I just think that was such a again got played there in two thousand twelve when we lost that game five against Saint Louis and didn't have stress pitch that entire postseason it was that was tough that was a tough pill swallowed and then that's kind of been like the narrative from the nets can't win a postseason series missing something in the clubhouse character wiser would have you and for them to have the Nikolai comeback regardless guy gets hit broken-bat knock me Kinda came together pretty ugly out here but he exactly but they were able to Kinda unleash that that that burden an impact Corbin's he felt yeah imagine having that'd be like your number three guy I mean I you know gain more started but it's like Walker Bueller game one that's really where you're looking at two teams that could pick names out of a hat and it really doesn't matter you know it's funny for me when when that's the biggest things I kind of look at like the pitching breakdowns why certain teams send out certain guys you would think he'd go your best in game one and then kind of follow suit we're we're seeing little bit different kind of method were seeing Kaikal go today right SIROCCO and game three and Walker Bueller goes game one and you're GONNA follow it with three back to back when I got a shot in game two that's how I would like like if you were kind of breaking down like a rotation like the braves rotation for example it seems like they're the home road splits pretty heavily there how much would you pay attention and stuff like that or you just like here's my best you're my game one starter like what type of numbers type of situation I feel like when something screwy goes on like this I always feel like we don't know the whole story yeah like Mike Sarokin not like the mound in Atlanta did after just something there is there something we don't know about that Mike Foale to navy has created a new pitch and it's just been unhittable since he's come back because in short series whoever goes game twos going game upset usually your game to guy is pretty important yet a guy with your life on the line you're willing to hand the ball to and fully was sent down on a minor leagues Junes I think this is it's an interesting series in everyone's kind of overlook in the Saint Louis Cardinals just because the braves have been that like sexy young team yeah kind of burst on the scene and the cardinals haven't hit all year so they've kind of been that just like steady funk that is kinda figured out a way to manage Dano central yeah I mean the the finals are been very disrespected because everyone just wants the brave you wanna see the stars you want to see a Kunia there you wanna see Sirocco on the big stage to I don't know I feel like if if you're looking at that series objectively I feel like the cardinals probably do have the best chance to upset you really now I I would say the twins to just because like the pitching factor you put you stack I think with with twins Yankees there's way too much of the the historical significance being placed on that where was it ten straight that they've lost in the post season dating back to two thousand four I feel like that they're just completely different teams like to throw all that out of it I agree which you obviously like the Yankees bullpen the the rotations are you want you want Paxton you want seventy dollars you're you're game three starter those lineups are like a wash is just like the Yankees nate like the Yankees names carry more weight but whine applies you know who who do you like there I just look at it like we're searching for ways to figure out how to twins are going to going to manage and beat the Yankees were were searching we're we're we're I'm trying to figure out his Paxton GonNa have severino going to have to be piggy backed by Chad Green is is Tanaka going to be able to keep everything below the knee were on the flips I look at it as like how his J. Code Busy GonNa get through the Yankees yes how is Jose Burritos a guy who has just pitched shown moments of brilliance but his in the second half Justin gone significantly down and you know everyone talks about Oh we got a string together knocks in October no one string and anything together you gotta hit a we watched it thirteen runs in in two wildcard game seven homers. I mean you've gotTa have guys who can run into some stuff there's just too much he's coming at you yeah it's so different than when I played it was like we used to watch video Jaren I didn't even know the names got pen areas watch the starter for like and break them down now it's like he's may be going through through the lineup one time and then the Swiss army knife dues I never heard of I watched it the fact that he got two one is incredible incredible I'm explaining this to people that have never actually been in the box against like ninety nine plus yeah it's a wiffle ball it's like the perceive velocity is a hundred and nineteen miles an hour squared up squared it up he's almost early on it he he's my mic I mean I love a lot of guys watching them play but like if I had to pick one guy to start at dimwit right now and Mike Trout's off the board right I want breaks yes all of these all around everything attitude that defense offense marketable he wants to win he wants to be with any that keeps growing yeah that's pregnant he's a hell of a guy we started out his rivals and we became friends we were opponents for a quick second but I mean that was that's a healthy the season for him do you give the raise any chance at winning a game never mind the series a chance of winning a.

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