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That ensure fruits and vegetables are grown and processed in a sanitary way. Visit Agri dot Ohio dot gov to learn how farmers can comply with the law and to schedule a produce safety assessment offered on farm at no cost to Ohio growers paid for through a grant from the food Drug administration. Sponsored by the Ohio department agriculture everybody the station. Need Hometec makeover best buy is here to help starting with a free in-home consultation. Once we find you the perfect tech. We can deliver it and make sure it's working before we leave after work on we. Support. All your tech all the time. Best buy, let's talk about what's possible. Some risks aren't as obvious. It could be just as deadly like the risk for type two diabetes. If you're overweight or over forty five if you're not very active or don't eat as healthy as you. Should there's an easy test. You can take to find out your risk. It's free and in less than a minute. You'll know if you're at risk for this deadly disease. Just go to diabetes dot org slash take the test or call one eight hundred diabetes because type two diabetes is one risk. You can't afford to take take the diabetes risk test and stop diabetes before it stops. You. A message from the American diabetes association. I'm good. But I have a story, and I don't know where to stop. But I feel alone in a crowd when the service member or veteran in your life says good are you really listening? How nightmares? I'm really not so good for you. Listen suicide prevention is everyone's responsibility. Listen to the veteran more servicemember in your life. If you are in crisis or know someone who is called the veterans crisis line in military crisis line at one eight hundred two seven three eight two.

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