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Neil walker walkers the question i mean he's got it again basically if you're gonna use tyler pinch hitting and right handed to brandon brandon dury's there john as you as you well know so yeah i mean they they have too many players and part of that i was talking to kim about this part of the rule five problem that they may have with these young players that you can only protect the forty man roster and then you have to make is available and rule five comes up in november so the may have too many prospects to protect and when that happens you gotta make traits you know you've got a deal for today the difference as i said the difference is that they can deal for today now confidently last year they still weren't sure what their potential was last year's postseason toll brian cashman you know what we're closer than i thought we are closer than i thought so this year brian cashman will be let's put it this way if the years were reversed i think as the yankees that would have gotten justin verlander last year the yankees did not think it was worth it because they weren't sure that even with ver lander he would have been the difference maker for them if they had hindsight they might have overspent for justin verlander because he might have been the difference but with that young team they had a year ago and remember how bad judge ended up being in august before he came back in september just didn't know really what you had so this year they're much more confident and they will go out and get somebody but they're not gonna pay him now they'll pay him in july and they'll get somebody available in july that they didn't expect to be available and they'll strike and the other team will get a good deal they'll get some good young players so it'll work out for both kevin's got an update we'll come back more of your phone calls on.

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