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So if you're interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and wanna learn how to make money with bitcoin i'm opening up a brand new bitcoin crypto academy for you crypto is starting to fundamentally change everything from currencies to the very structure behind the internet and if you don't understand it you will be left behind remember if you had put one hundred dollars in bitcoin in 2010 you would have over a hundred million dollars right now i don't want you miss out on the common opportunities offered by bitcoin in the cryptocurrency space so i brought in the best experts in the game the people that are teaching me in training me and i'm gonna share that with you because it's not too late to understand bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and the block chain and to make money with it so to sign up for my new bitcoin crypto academy unlearn how to invest how to make money in this new exciting face i'm an open up room for a few of you early access to the new online mentor mastermind so go to tie lopez dot com slash bitcoin podcast to learn more tom testing the mastermind so i'm just gonna let a few of you in at a low price and it's already filling up quickly so if you want to get in i'll let a few of you in so go to tie lopez dot com slash bitcoin podcast all one word bilo busy dot com slash bitcoin podcast if the course is closed when you get to the page put in your name in the waiting list you missed out on the first round uh and if you see it welcome to the group glad you didn't procrastinate okay back to the show.

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