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The guest get you involved. Let's do some headlines. And then we'll go when we're waiting on the developing situation in Major league baseball this moment where we are moments away from the announcement of the Hall of Fame class of 2021. Will any player crossed the threshold of 75, or at least get to the threshold of 75% of the vote? We're monitoring and wondering where Curt Schilling winds up where Barry Bonds winds up where Roger Clemens winds up percentage wise, how much of a boost to Scott rolling get from a year ago? And where does that position him for? Perhaps next year, all of that being monitored details when we know it. USA Today reports the Mets have offered Trevor Bauer Ah contract that would make him baseball's highest paid player based on an annual average salary. The deal would eclipse Yankee pitcher Gerry Cole's 36 year average value, but would be shorter than Cole's nine year deal. There are other reports today, denying This news the Phillies keep their guy re signing free agent catcher J T Real Moto. Five years 115 and a half million dollars MLB network's Jon Heyman reporting Marcus Simeon to the Blue Jays. If that holds up, that means one of the three is off the market, leaving Didi Gregorius among the short stops with Andrelton Simmons. College basketball. Kentucky is at number nine Alabama tonight, Tippet seven on ESPN. 15 30. Miami is home to Toledo and Mac play. The Dayton Flyers travel to number 22 ST Louis By the way, perhaps the former molars stand out Miles McBride. He hit the game winner and scored 24 last night in West Virginia's win over Texas Tech. College Football. Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart Among five new college football playoff selection committee members announced today they begin three year terms this spring on the 13 member committee. Hit football. Initially officially announcing the hiring of Ryan Man Tilak, former standout linebacker, You see who has most recently been the defensive coordinator at Bucknell on the ice Tonight. The Columbus Blue Jackets host the Florida Panthers coverage. It's 6 30 on Fox Sports. 13 60. A golf Note. PGA Tour is elected. Davis Love the third to be US captain for the Presidents Cup in 2022, a Quail Hollow club. In Charlotte, North Carolina. It's the third time love has been captain of a U. S team in the last 30 years. Those are your headlines. Let me ask a question. And I don't know I may be wrong in in ordering the show the way I am tonight, prioritizing the lead as the Baseball Hall of Fame. And I wonder. I wonder what your what your involvement today was in conversations about tonight's announcement. I wonder if you are aware Tonight was the Hall of Fame announcement for Major League Baseball. This used to be This used to be like a circle the day on the counter type of type of day. This is the day that the gates the hallowed halls that the gates of the Baseball Hall of Fame open up two iconic figures. In some cases, guys, we watched as kids others we watched his teenagers, but many we followed from the start of their career to the end of their career, and the process of reaching this point was what was fun. It was joyful. It was It was about debating statistics and in the back of the baseball cards and the awards they wanted, comparing him to other players. And if he's in that he's got to be in and well, if he's not in that he can't be in And yet in recent years from where I sit is a baseball dork, I admit that The joy, the fun. The everything that used to be about the Baseball Hall of Fame in the announcement of the class to me has been Sapped. Drained. It's been left to debate about. Character. No longer about Careers. But character and the person The Baseball Hall of Fame asked writers to consider integrity and character when judging Hall of Fame candidates Why Why does the baseball Hall of Fame throw that on the plate of the writers? Many of said, this is no longer worth it. It's too tough. It's not fun. It's not what I signed up to do. It's no longer about baseball. It's about me being judge and jury about character. Some have said I'm not voting anymore. Some didn't fill in a hit in a ballot this year. I think it went up. There were 9 10 11 12 ballots left blank this year. I guess I'm I'm curious where you would fall on this. And I guess I'd be curious why writers and I know many don't don't want this, so I'm not pinning it on them. But why're writers granted the power to set the moral standards and judge the character for inclusion into the Baseball Hall of Fame? I've never understood that. And I guess if if I were cynical and not to be mean, but is anyone judging their integrity and character in deciding Who goes into the Hall of Fame and nod. Now I'm not casting dispersions on voters. I'm just saying, it just seems odd to me that they've selected a group from 19 What 36 or 38 the first year the Hall of Fame and said, All right, you guys are the ones who get the vote and you're going to vote on this, and the criteria will include Character and integrity. And so this group Gets to sit in judgment. Of yes, numbers and awards and courage, but they get to sit in judgment of the character and the integrity of the individual and decide whether they should allow them into the hall of Fame or not. That seems odd to me and at the same time I don't think anyone if I were a writer, I say, Well, are you who's judging my integrity and anybody watching over me my integrity and my character, So I have a couple of questions for you. Is the Hall of Fame voting. Mean? There's I'll go simple. Does it mean anything to you? Is there any interest today in we are minutes away from the announcement, perhaps seconds away from the announcement..

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