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That the times it's hard to see in front of you and of course the wins the powerful powerful hurricane winds right now naples is under attack hurricane the roma his here the national hurricane center is now warning about a rapid rise in storm surge of ten to fifteen feet scott decker lives on marco island which is expecting a direct hit from erma i did walk down air now to the ground level and peaked out one at little court a whole lot the debris broken tree heat of metal things going across the bay and an author with current that it the manichean dolphin or trying to get away because all the water being sucked out of cbs news special report i'm steve dorsey and we continue to track hurricane erma which is still pounding south florida at this hour it's been downgraded to a categorythree storm but that doesn't make it any less dangerous power has been knocked out for nearly two million homes and businesses in miami and the damage includes one broken construction crane cnn meteorologist chad by our says this storm came crashing onto america's shores absolutely the waves will come in from the ocean off the gulf of mexico at about ninety miles per hour now we know that the wind at naples may be one 28 but that will be from the east the back side of the i never recovered from hitting chuba and i guess we're gonna you know thanks and stars were america but we're going to have to help cuba because they got hit by a one hundred and sixty per hour cat five that took the stuffing out of this storm that's why we're not talking 160 we're talking 125 big difference in power big difference and damage the northern part of the cuban keys were really destroyed from this storm amazingly no deaths have been reported in cuba so far day with wbz news radio 1030 for the very latest on hurricane erma closer to home some big changes in dentistry could be coming to massachusetts on beacon hill a hearing is scheduled for this week on a proposal that would allow for a new category of dental practitioners they're called dental therapists and they do work that now done only by dentists it's such as filling cavities and pulling teeth they'll be able to work at schools and nursing homes and would be able to fill some gaps to access to oral.

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