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Away between Bissonnet and beltway eight I'm Shannon same city Nikki T. R. H. Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center mainly clear skies for this evening forty three tomorrow sunshine and seventy for your Sunday by Monday partly cloudy seventy eight Thursday partly cloudy might see a stray thunderstorm looking ahead at thanksgiving scattered thunderstorms possible seventy two I'm Gregg Ross from the weather channel another beautiful night sixty degrees from the law school gaming twenty four hour weather center it's six thirty one in our top story late last night the state department released one hundred pages of documents revealing communication between Rudy Giuliani and secretary of state Mike palm PO downtown will be beautiful again tomorrow but watch where you step center for hearing and speech in Houston is holding their massive chalk art to street painting festival artisan decorate will be decorating downtown sidewalks with Hollywood motifs in their annual fund raiser in college football Baylor over the Longhorns twenty four ten Aggies loss to Georgia thirteen nineteen and the covers of just now kicking off in Tulsa and you can hear that game on AM nine fifteen KPRC news on the band KJRH dot com our next updates at seven breaking news as it happens Sally Adams on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KJRH start with low for Black Friday deals to save on the brands you trust to do the job right stop in today and get your choice but to walk twenty volt Max cordless Brussels trip for the wall to pack of twenty full power tool battery speech just ninety nine dollars and pick up a passcode angled three and a half inch thirty degree cordless framing our four hundred Bucks less now just two ninety nine whatever's on your wish list for gift list this Black Friday do it right from LAX Starbird Los offers drove Levin twenty one through eleven twenty seven Russell if you're pro you want just climbing ladders all day you're looking them from here to there and everywhere so you want one that's light weight but it has to stand up to heavy use the new Warner multi position for a ladder as five configurations that keep you stable from staircases to second stories it's light weight all in one design makes it easy to maneuver and care only at the home depot more saving more doing US don't wait for Black Friday gets old maybe today.

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