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Willing to bet that they're going to be instituting this am i mean we've seen publications where they've come out and said yes we want to be able to do not only a amazon shipments to your door we want to be able to look at in the future doing be to be and uh i just i see this happening and it's it's kind of crazy because this is the most cost intensive part of logistics is the express career logistics um it's one of the most expensive of forms to get into it is one of the hardest uh to manage on a daily consistency basis um and for amazon to jump in and just say hey we're going to do the most impossible hard part first and do the other stuff later that easy uh i mean good on you guys um not the approach i would personally take but you know if they think they can get more consistency to drive up their cliques then it's probably not a bad idea so they have put in pieces as you mentioned earlier some people may not be aware they they involve themselves sometimes owning sometimes leasing boats and planes in order to help bring products faster over the large c that that big bhatia water out the right separates the landmasses they also have done things like hire their own contractors to do some of their deliveries that they need to do specially things like amazon fresh but what's new now is this announcement recently that they will provide pickup and delivery service so that a business doesn't have to put something in the amazon warehouse that the business won't know whether or not it's going to go by ubs or dhl or somebody else that amazon's gonna.

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