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On our coverage ed yes I just wanted to thank your station manager and anybody responsible for during the the comments that the governors have to say about this virus and also when the trump has something to say so you you enjoy you enjoy hearing the briefings is what you're saying yes I do and the other stations don't Kerrey that kind of information they just go on and on with their Graham to help whatever the might happen they have on and we're glad to do it and that's one of the reasons I guess that we're still having people on the air and and they're considered essential to to give important information to people like you or anybody who who wants to hear it yes I can I can understand that and I and I appreciate all that you people do all right had thank you very much it's a nice phone call how are you doing I got that same text for my old neighbor Joe Webb earlier tonight runs webs barbecue in Newport which is just open on Fridays they're just open on Fridays then and now they're doing they're doing curbside and call in because obviously you can't sit down in a restaurant and enjoy great pulled pork or brisket or barbecued ribs next your neighbor but you can go by and pick it up and I highly recommend it if you get a chance well look at this good evening deck card very carefully just tell aria there any guest in here right now they exactly there's no guests allowed in the studio right now yeah I just want to tell you now we're doing the job everybody has to stand in line to get it loads and I'm being yesterday they stood out all the way to alarming garden there was a almost two miles of the line no kidding no kidding that's over the weekend Jerry Jeff I heard the figures I think we broke it least he said the at least two hundred ten to three thirteen thousand body that's that's incredible and about but you've got you've got curbside at Lowes right well you know they got somebody told me about this and the government Donald and they got a steak and shake and I go over this place session times pretty good they got a pretty good sandwiches pizza very nice very nice but but people are not coming in Los right they're not allowed to enter the store correct they are they limited to like fifty eight you know and the only bad thing is that we got to bring the car to run those people there and it's it's it's murder it's I mean it's like Grand Central station do you know they didn't even have the lumbar area in the lines went out Jerry Jeff all the way outside please be happy you still got a job all yeah right I wanna thank you to very Jerry Jeff I want to thank the governor but the wind and.

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