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I, I liked riding their bikes. I mean, like I know hotter rider by my McKay. I mean, like I can ride her fight, but I never took the whole like, let's go and his seventy five foot ramp type route. I was always just like an higher dirt bike. And once I kind of found that like the whole car thing, like took the fear out of it a little bit just a little. I mean, it definitely still like it's, it's not easy. It is like at moments, it can be scary when you catch on fire and stuff. The dirt bike stuff. That's so scary stuff. They take it takes guts, and I think that's something when I found car racing, something that I could be good at something that didn't necessarily come with a ton of broken bones and learning from stakes. I was like this. I can do this because your dad's profession came with many broken. Just like both legs both femurs like ankles wrists, like I think his fingers permanently bent and like he like walks with one foot towed out. But you know, it comes with it to discourage you from going into his line of work for that at all, or he never really like pushed me to do anything like I was always like the ones like that. Dad can. I do this that I was that kid? I was like, dad, please finally went dad, please tendon eve, his races, island, terracing event ever since I was little, I went every single x. games, like there's pictures of me back when I was like three years old wearing this giant for pink jacket out x. games and the call l. a. Coliseum like stuff back like way, way back. Just like I've always gone dollars events like the, we pitchers me like being like three years old on dirt bike with him in staging x. games and just tons of tons of things. I grew up around it. It's all I know what I love to do, and that was what got you into racing. You were so immersed in it when you were child. I thought like this is something I want to be. It's like being raised as like your dad races Cup, we'll. What do you think you're gonna? Do we've seen that? Yeah, like I was pretty familiar. You have any memories of him being involved in serious accidents? Only like almost dying fight. I was bleeding. That was probably like this top is we'll get pedia pray page like has three lives. But he, oh my God. There is times there was two times where he almost died one at winter x games where he tried to three sixty on ice and ended up ditching his by mid air landed and ended up like breaking both his legs. His like are everything like he wrote around like two casts, like after that, and he like would ride a dirt bike with like to cast. I'm like, do like watching this and I've tasing him like running after him in just the videos we have from back then. And the other time was he was filming. There's a show back in the day called Viva LA, bam as a pretty big show. And they ended up going out in like country town area where they could like blows themselves up and do some crazy stuff. And my dad. He ended up jumping this ramp news, super, Wendy outlets like the biggest thing, Ryan dirt bikes when it's Wendy like that. When it gets sketchy and he ended up jumping this ramp doing a bat flip, not making it all the way, and he ended up hitting his Kenny blew up his kidney. And like literally his stomach started filling with blood and like Elma God. He like at that moment like he told all the guys. He's like, I am dying right now. Like I'm gonna die. If you guys in the close hospital is like an hour or so away, so took forever to get an ambulance there. And they ended up like cutting open, like here's a scar from down here all the way down his stomach, and they split them open in like, took out all his organs and like sodium back together and put them all back in..

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