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And the beginning of a second term. Plus, of course, all of a second term. So that's the number, by the way, that comes up in your conversations as of today by figuring it's between now and the end of his second term, it will be roughly one thousand six hundred and seventy six days. That's, that's how many days of the of the from now until the end of the second term, we'll be by the way, the, the word of the day for Democrats when it comes to talking about the president that word of the day, you'll hear this to sound bytes for you. Word of the day is reckless. We need to make sure that they are guardrails that are erected, so that we do not inadvertently fun. The reckless deportation machine. That was a key Jeffries democrat from New York, then Katherine Clark democrat from Massachusetts. And you know what, you know what Trump is he's reckless to hear the president of the United States kickoff, a political rally by saying he is going to now embark on nasty Portes is continuing the reckless dangerous in-coming policies that we have seen from this administration or so there you go. Just be aware of that. The sound bites from Democrats should all contain the word reckless, or they're not following the script given to them by the DNC. Your where David is in crowns Ville? He's next up on the Bruce Elliott show. Talkradio six eighty WCBS. Good morning. Enjoy your show. Thank you. I look at. A little bit differently than you and your calls. Consider. If we give reparations to every African American person in this country, let's say one hundred thousand tax free. And they'll become wealthy people and families will become extremely wealthy. Qualify for many social benefits like Medicaid welfare benefits, minority scholarships helping. And we can wipe the slate clean. Affirmative action. And I think the, the country taxpayers could actually end up saving money, and it would also help you and it was a joke on the movie barbershop. And I'm not going to repeat it here, but it would help the economy. To see all these people get this money, and we could wipe the slate clean. Okay. No. That's fine. Where's the money come from? Yeah. That's the problem. The money comes from, I mean, they can't simply print up new money and say a hundred thousand dollars for each person. It has to come from somebody, so that means we're going to seize the property of individuals who had nothing to do with slavery. And because the ancestors of those people who were potentially subject to slavery, some quote deserve reparations. That's that's generational guilt. We're putting on somebody who has has nothing to do with slavery whatsoever, or they can freeze their family back to northern troops who fought for slavery and their direct descendants of militia and their Quakers. And they've never had anything to do with slavery. And again, we're gonna say, we're gonna take your wealth from you and give it to somebody else because we liked them better. When you actually get down into the nuts and bolts, it sounds. Well, that's fine. We'll make them all rich. How from from his pocket. You take that money. And what are we doing to their wealth? But I think if we get that money and then. Qualify from so many benefits that they receive. Whether you have to do away with the benefits I and use the savings, and that's not to be saleable. But that, but again, you she'll have the same problem when you say, if they get that money, that's great. But then, from whom does that money come, and that's the part of the conversation that Democrats wanted loss over, they don't wanna talk about. Well, here's what we're gonna do. We're going to take money away from Dave and crowns Ville. And, you know, from from Bob, in Baltimore, and from all these other people, and then Bob and Baltimore's women, I have nothing to do with slavery. Why are you taking my money away? And that's a fair question. Bring that point. I appreciate it. Thank you for your call, Dave for ones you six eighty Towfighi distance one eight hundred six eighty on the peace cross pastor STAN emails in so according to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Believe what somebody else believes, of course, I'm on the outside looking in chooses, not to believe in Christianity. They have of course excluded themselves from it. So when someone says we must believe whatever they say or nothing at all along comes exclusion, I have a shock for such narrow thinkers truth by definition is exclusive. And that is a fair observation and Bill says the two Skoda's defenders apparently believed that being neutral about religion means no religion, what they fail to see is that they're anti religious stance is also a religion, the religion of non theism, the belief that theism does not or should not exist. Absolutely. But it goes beyond. This simply not just non fearsome in is the endorsement of a different God, a different absolute ruler. And that. Absolute ruler is the government replacement of one God with another gun. And there you have it for GIO, WCBS six eighty toll free long distance. It's one eight hundred WCBS six eighty Jim is in his car. Jim good morning. Thanks for hanging on. I'm well, thanks. Hey, question. The question I have is, I guess, the reparations when would it end, you know, every new child board at the age of eighteen then receive their reparation money. It's rational because after all, they, they have just as a legitimate claim as a current five year old. That would just be never ending. The never ending song. I mean it goes on forever. And actually, again, they don't really think this is going to ever happen. Every four years. This is something that's brought to the forefront just for, you know, for the vote. Yup. Exactly. Thanks for your call. Jim four one zero WCBS Nino's stumping on a couple of minutes. We'll check to see what he has to say. Liam Owings mills. He's next up on talk radio six eighty WCBS. Good morning. Lee. Yeah. Blacks and all that because they were pleased. What are you going to get the six hundred people to die fight for them to get that freedom? Are you going to give them reparation for losing their lives and their family? Whoa. Was supposed by by logic. Their descendants. Still benefited. I'm trying to apply the logic with me user, their, their descendants still benefited from white privilege, somehow. And so that is the reason that you would have the take money from them, and give it to other people. I mean, if we're going to believe this horse crab of, of you have white privilege in your white privilege allows you to do things, which I think, is just absolute nonsense, insure, you have to just extend it all the way reductio ad absurd him. And that's what you're looking at. I'm eight years old still work at I'll feel like I'm a modern day slave pretty. Get free free food. He'll stay up. Smell that free health care, you know. Me I should be getting something because it might taxes or pay for. Anyway. I got work to drop hit north survive, and they get dish out, more money to take an help pay for something. These people that are still living to go taking. Well, you've you've actually your ticket exactly what the idea is. You're, you're right, in your Nelson's, by the way, there's one place where your logic may not be fully developed, you say you have to continue to work in order to live until you die. But if you simply kick right now, you can stop working, right? Thanks for your call. Really? Then listen, if you are your age seventy eight you say that ten percents should do for another fifteen twenty years, pretty easy. I got to stay here for Trump. Because I love the guy shoot Hillary Clinton. By voting, the le-. Let's hope that it doesn't come to that. But appreciate your enthusiasm for the president. Right. Call for one zero WCBS six eighty toll feeling distance is one eight hundred six eighty two Baltimore and Fred. Fred. Good morning. Well. African Americans don't deserve a penny. Are they getting no reparations have to play? And oh the. Give out giveaway that the United States. Government is giving them away. Sixty seventy years. I think. Lyndon johnson. President. And another terrible. President, what ABRAHAM LINCOLN. I think he should ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Should it took to slave? After. Civil war and ship them back to Africa. And the reason why say that because. Hundred and some years later, this is chaos. That these African African Americans have presented his country. What is your heritage, right? Right. Every day. Every day. Reparations. It's always the same old thing, white privilege. You know it's the same old crap every day. You know and. I would prefer to remove the black people from America. Listen. We miss you. We miss you don't do that. I'm not going to. Oh, okay. Yeah. If you're there, don't forget, that you can still listen to us at wcbMcom online. Thanks for your call. Appreciate it, buddy. Something. Jokes. Joanie are internet. Guru joins us. Good morning, sir morning. Bruce back, you great rolling on the peace.

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