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Do it and there's days i don't depending on how i feel like yeah and i and i can see that double that you're talking about because if you're driving down crossover and the jones centers on your right so if you're going towards fate bill onto sixty five you can see that double. That's right there on that side of the pump track and it's really cool. I mean it's. I would encourage anybody to get down to springdale and just go over and park at the jones center and just walk in there and take a look at the pump track. I mean you've got helicopter laid out there. Midst got a bunch of stuff. And there's i know when we first had that original world we had a world event at that location in the weather was horrendous. It was really really bad that day that we had it but everybody that came in people came from all over to participate in the feedback was tremendous. So it's exciting so all the all the good stuff that's happening there. There's a whole a transformation taking place at the jones center. So i mean that's kind of par for the course here. North west arkansas. You're not quite used to that yet. But we are constantly iterating and improving upon things. So i'm really excited for what is to common. You'll probably find that in the next two to three years. There'll be several other pump tracks around in some of these different cities between fayetteville. And in bentonville that you guys will really benefit from not. It'll be wonderful who are definitely benefitting from what we have around us now. And we're we're glad to be here in arkansas. Yeah so are you guys developing any new models. I mean what i mean is there. I mean in terms of what you can share. What what can people expect from you guys in the future we have are currently we have a one twenty trail bike and a one twenty slope style. Buy in while there. We haven't produced but we're not in production on a more still trialing them working through some prototype problems that we had with one of them and those are solved now getting the hours on them to ensure that we have longevity and that we can offer our lifetime guarantees. We as we hope to. Yeah so all your bags come with a lifetime guarantee on our frame fixture and then a one year bumper to bumper on on all of our supporting component trees. Okay so like it might take your bikes out. And i break the frame gonna replace it. Basically we're going to have you send it back into us and we're going to analyze it and if it was dude are workmanship than yeah. We're going to work out a deal with the end. Gone a new frame if it's something that was due to your youth or due to the way that the bike was abused or not taking care of than we may offer a crash replacement discount for you. But that's gonna come down to per case and we'd ask that you go to your original supplier. I where he bought the bike and talk to them and have them reach out to us and we'll work with them to get back to you on how we're going to manage that situation okay. And speaking of original supplier. How many outlets are selling your bikes right now. We currently have six distributors across the nation. Okay we have one in pensacola florida. We have to in washington one in redding california and then the to here in bentonville and went over and russell. Okay bill russellville. Yeah okay cool so you guys are getting some expansion. Then yeah yeah. We got quite a few of our most of the satellites outside of the state or folks that we've been then in partners with another business ventures in the past shore and understand who and what we're about and they're totally stoked to have our brand on their showroom and be pushing our products okay cool and are you guys going to be hiring anytime soon. Are you hiring right now. We're currently were were very small staff of three In house and we currently don't have a need increase but has our demand increases. We will be staffing up and his our plan over the next five years to bring on a full fledged welding team. My currently do most of that work myself. Anita hand that off so going forward where that'll be the first position that we feel is a fulltime welder. And i'll be advertising for that through visit bentonville. I'm gonna ask for some help there to have bentonville help. Roll that out so be going through the community and through the trade schools to onboard that individual. Well yeah and i and i would imagine with. I mean there's there's just so many people here y- you might talk to the right person. And they're like oh. I know somebody or my son just completed this and he might be open to doing that. So i think finding those types of individuals here is easier than you think it as long as you. Can you know connect with people and build and develop those relationships because you'd be surprised who knows whom and always call. I know we always talk about six degrees of separation in in the world but here in north west arkansas. It's like three degrees. If i if you know me then. I know somebody that knows somebody that might be the answer to whatever you're looking for you know what i'm saying and so there's something nice about that and i'm always talking to people even outside of the area about what that looks like here in north west arkansas. So we're certainly glad you're here and we're certainly hoping in wishing for nothing but success for you and alien bikes will. We're definitely glad to be here in all the support we've received so far even in in our own ventures as we've reached out to different industry players to help us with our product. Everybody's been nothing but but helpful and honest and forthright and we appreciate the community here and we're glad to be part of it. Okay cool well. Yeah if you guys see a dude. Walk riding around with a wide brim Snap back Gray hat that says. Hey on it without with a logo. That looks like it's almost wings. That's probably michael salata. And he's probably ripping up a portrayal somewhere and shredded something. So that's great but michael. Thank you so much for coming on the. I am northwest arkansas. Podcast last question for you since you've been here you've been here short time. Have you gravitated towards any new places to eat or anything. That's really caught your fancy since you've been here. I gotta say. I product the pacific northwest. I'd heard a chicken and waffles. My whole life and never had until i had a good friend visit. And he's like. Hey we gotta go have some chicken and waffles and i gotta say those savory waffles or the best thing i've ever put to my mouth. Oh that's cool we're now where have you been going to get chicken waffles. I can't even recall. Did the look up in the drive. And i just hopped in with him and he said i found him or head and okay cool. That's cool wire. We'll have to get the name of one of your spots. I know that slim's and we just had tom boardman. On one of the founders of slim chicken they do a chicken and waffles. That's actually pretty good. And i know i grew up going to roscoe's chicken and waffles out in la. That's my spot but yeah no it. Certainly. there's some good places here to get chicken and waffles. So you know most certainly absolutely on my top ten list now all right. We'll good good. I'm glad to hear that. Well michael thank you so much for coming on the. Im northwest arkansas. Podcast we really appreciate it and we certainly look forward to hearing more about how. Helen bikes is growing in. How you have Will embrace and become a part of this bike culture that we have here in north west arkansas because it is it is kind of special and i think the opportunities for anybody whether you're a bike designer whether you're by creator whether you just like to ride bikes north west. Arkansas kind of has a little something for everyone in that area. Would you agree. I would totally agree. Okay no one is left out when they come to visit and or northwest arkansas. Now absolutely absolutely so good. We'll we'll thank you so much for coming on and we really appreciate it anytime. Have a great day. Thank you there. You have it folks. Another episode of. I am a north west. Arkansas was so great to have michael on from helen bikes indefinitely. Check them out and hope by the way. What is the website. Ww dot helen bikes. That's plural llc dot com. Okay so it's an h. e. l. l. i. o. n. bikes bi k. e. s. llc dot com. Please check out their website. And if you do drop them a line or anything make sure you let them know that you heard about them and you heard about michael i on the i am. Northwest arkansas podcast. So we'll certainly appreciate that but that's all we have for this week as always you can catch our shows wherever great podcast can be found. Stitcher soundcloud spotify apple. Podcast google amazon. It doesn't matter. And as i've always said you can just say to alexa. Hey alexa play. The latest episode of. I am northwest arkansas. And she'll oblige you. And i was looking to see if my alexa started to acknowledge that. But maybe she's not plugged in but anyway that's all good. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. Remember our podcast comes out every monday rain or shine and has always each week. We have a new story about somebody else doing something amazing here in north west. Arkansas like michael lozada with helen bikes. I'm.

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