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Mentioned that People in by people you meant ngo and there others talking about system to consciousness prior. Sorry can't help kind of laugh when the word consciousness just thrown around in there Bringing bringing this so so you know what prescription Can you do you think this approach. can provide for a that. That might be missing right now. Is is the ngo approach it. Or is there more to it. So i think that a i may need to move away from a focus on notes and connections in. You're seeing the certainly in a lot of these analysis of dna networks more towards understanding their functionality in terms of state spaces in manifold soon and these kinds of the objects in an integrator concerning place on a more complex than in perhaps discreet aspects of activity. I mean i would go so far as to say they may need to move away from from Thinking of nodes in wages all that needs to be included in so far as networks. Want to be biologically inspired so as we say in the paper. We speculate that it might turn out that. There's that spikes in activation is really upbeat phenomenal. Nether what's going on getting a readout of this of this hop fielding neuro functional type objects and that it might be implemented not just by neural activity but by all kinds of of Other types of truck in the brain by large bio-molecules and so forth. And maybe that's the kinds of signals that needs to start incorporating. I know that there is an active research program. That's trying to do that. I will say this which might be more surprising is really operating. I think with certain fundamentally different material. Obviously it's in silica and it might be that given the nature of human manufactured computer processors that you're able to do a lot more than you can with sort of our evolutionary constructed neural processors in and it might be that they're going to be able to do things in other words are going to be able to have cognitive or cognitive like behaviors even if they do restrict themselves to a more nodes and connections type you just because the process is that they're working with our so fundamentally more powerful than the ones that biology has us with. So you know you are. Is this intelligence israel cognition. It may not be we might have to start to serve brooke. Other notions of intelligence Besides the biologically inspired one in order to understand the way that these systems operate..

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