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It's thursday. It's almost friday fact easy. Anything interesting happened to you on the way into work this morning junior. I went to before i came in. I went to the airport to pick up my mother-in-law she's in town for the week and Yeah so picked. Her up brought her back to the house. And yes she. Just wait for the girls to get home from school and They have spring break next week. So they're going to get spent an entire week with with their grandma. How nice where does she live. He lives in florida and florida. tampa areas. right. That's where you garage. Yeah well you started in new jersey. Right was born in new jersey and then moved florida and then back to new jersey and back florida. Yeah the people on the east coast. They really like florida. They go back and forth. There's there's a big influx from northeast. Moving down in florida now. So yeah. I believe i tell you what the last the last month that i lived in. upstate new york. Which was my decision for saying. I can't do this anymore. I i've told the story on the air many many times but it was in january and it was Hundred eight inches of snow in one month. And you had to shovel your way out the front door literally and so And then to make matters worse so one hundred eight inches of snow of you can imagine what was on top of everybody's roofs and it was even difficult to get out and shovel your roof and so people who thinking what shovel your roof. That maybe didn't grow up Back east or anywhere where. There's a lot of snow. Yeah people have to shovel their roots. And so i rented at the time anyway. A big is. It came off the second floor and absolutely destroyed. My car died on the total that completely totaled at an icicle to get out. And that's and that's when. I said you know what i think. I'm gonna move where my parents were which was in texas so yeah. My parents moved to texas. While i was living in europe for almost two years and then i was so dumb god i just went to two to europe with no money really and just a boyfriend. That was living there at the time. And oh my gosh. The things we do when we're young right without thinking no regrets venture. Oh my gosh. What an education i got i really did And learn to speak german and so yeah so there's no better way to learn a language. Then you just you know dump yourself in the middle of that country get thrown in the pool and figure out how to swim high. Now i know oh my gosh. Well always great to open the show with junior. I love what we do here on one life radio and i think everyone out there listening is going to really like today's show. We have one of my favorite people coming up here in just a second dr natio- winners at the half. We have greg a glazer back. He is the general counsel for physicians for informed consent or pick a nonprofit organization opposed to maxine. Van dates are van dates mandates. The things that come out of your mouth on the radio right. Oh my gosh. By dr nathan winters. You're gonna love her. She's been on the show many many times. If it's your first now your first time listening doctor. Asia is a naturopathic. Integrative oncologists and a fellow of the american board of naturopathic oncology. She has been on a personal journey with cancer for almost twenty nine years and her quest to save her own life has transformed into a lifelong mission to support others on a similar journey. Dr travels the world helping colleagues master the metabolic approach to cancer so their patients can achieve better treatment outcomes. She is the co author of the book. The metabolic approach to cancer integrating deep nutrition. The ketogenic diet and nontoxic bio individualized therapies. she's a rockstar in this world. You guys you can find her at. Dr nation dot com. That's nasa a doctor. Dr show. Welcome back hello to drop a no or call right back okay. Caller right back. I you know i always have stuff ready. So you let me know when she's back and i'll stop. I might not even be able to get to it but you know i was. i've got two things one of my left hand one of my right. Which one should i do. My left or my right Let's go with my right hand. Okay so this is an from a from a blog. Called mama mia. And it's the seven things that people with healthy guts do every day and i think it's important to always remind myself the things that maybe i missing or you forget you know. Life is so busy at times but on the top of the list says take time with your food so it goes on to write that probably the most simple change was remembering to just slow down when it came to meal or even snacktime and so it's important that she there. Yes she's on. Okay all right thank you. I was butchering that today. I wasn't ready. But i'm kind of always ready but you know what i mean. I wanted to talk to dr nature. How you doing today. Dr nisha winters. Sorry about this. I don't know what happened was not a big deal it happens. It happens all the time and we are live so that makes it even more interesting people. People loving people love it. When you screw up. It makes them laugh so so everybody out there laughing. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Go when're is real there. You go keeping it real here on the radio. Well you know you are one of the most real people i know and your experience of what you went through And transformed your own life and this lifelong mission after fighting cancer for almost twenty nine years are not fighting well keeping it at bay right and getting rid of get yes yes yes yes Okay so what we're talking about. Today is actually fascinating. I don't i know very little about this subject. And i kinda like that. I'm going into this pretty blind. So let's talk about this mistletoe. Therapy so many of us here. The word mistletoe. You know doctor and they have christmas. So one of the medical uses for mistletoe. I love questioning. And of course it's near dear to my heart This medicine has been around since ancient times Had been used at you as a whole plant extract for everything from cardiovascular disease to headaches to arthritis that in modern times since nineteen twenty if you can believe it it has been used as an adjutant cancer therapy in an injectable form of a very specifically harvested processed and formulated plant extract in the treatment of cancer. So we'd had it for just just celebrated hundred birthday as a cancer treatment. Really okay so we. We clearly don't do this in the us where what are some of the countries that they do this. And i'm thinking europe or china maybe right pretty much everywhere but us although led a little shoutout to the us The john hopkins just completed a phase one clinical trial. Which is the first done on soil in the united states on an is the application of the therapy for stage for solid tumor. Cancers dot should be published Soon so that's a big step forward. But if you're a patient with cancer living in europe depending on which country you're in between sixty upwards of eighty five percent of a patient with cancer will use this therapy at some time the apple how far behind we are over here in the us. Well we're not really far behind. We're just bought me for by the pharmaceutical copies. They own they own country All street got the trial donors. It was paid for by profit It was not funded by governments sanctions. So your point exactly. It wouldn't happen if People hadn't raised the funds to trial. Wow well i was gonna ask you how long doctors been using it but you already said this is a hundred years old okay so mistletoe you know everybody kind of knows or at least. I always put mistletoe in my house. At christmas i love it. I love hanging it over the door. I love you know catching my man and kissing up. Mistletoe.

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