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In branchville fundraisers increased the reward won't pull to fifteen thousand dollars which was a significant a man in matamoros when daily wages averaged around two to three dollars but despite despite the reward and investigative efforts leads were already drawing up owners to way off the mark vanished his disappearance was featured in a ten minute segment of fox television's america's most wanted that was broadcast in the u._s. and mexico generating a total of two thousand goals from the public a mexican woman called implicate her boyfriend and matamoros police officer who spoke of arresting drunk ronca merican feeding marks description after a failed attempt to extort money from the american. The officer showed him as police lace. Corruption was a serious problem in mexico investigators honed in on officer with ties to the criminal london road that he was ultimately ruled here coles placed market various mexican bauges walsum saw him in the company of a woman and others client. He was restrained. Investigators noticed that references to occult rituals and sacrifices kept cropping up including leda delivered to police that was coveting scribblings scribblings of pentagram said the other symbols it featured a single sentence in spanish that translated to mock was not the first helen kilroy the expensive vehicles that the ranch led police to believe that would back in business the property was put under surveillance and agents sending out to determine the group's activities saws us and connections meanwhile the statue in the blue chevrolet was identified as a legua god from palo and effort cuban. You've been religion devoted to earthly powers and the worship of spirits and legua was considered a trista and diety of the roads worship and is believed making offerings to him would protect them on their travels. Just over a week week later on sunday april on police domed rancho santa lenin and found sixty four cans of marijuana and several firearms seraphin. He's abul elia and two other men. David cerna valdez and sergio martinez salinas were placed under arrest for drug trafficking taking the full men were interrogated into the early hours that age maintained relaxed mainers and refuse to answer questions. The ranch's kids ikea to mingo. Bustamante arrived for work that morning unaware that he's employers had been arrested when questioned in dubai police domingo said roughly three to four weeks prior a toll blonde haired young man was in the back of the blue chevrolet suburban band into blindfolded. The captives spoke english which domingo couldn't understand is hanley spoke spanish. He was kept in the vehicle taught and feeling sorry for him to mingo fed him and gave him water. The bosses took the prisoner away in the morning and domingo didn't know what happened to him off to that. When sharon photo of mark kilroy domingo's stated yes that's him following this revelation police intensified their interrogation so the four men in custody and to sarafin finally cracked uh hey explained that the group belonged to a religious sect led by cuban-american sorcerer named adolfo daisies constanzo referred into as their godfather over the previous months constanzo had ordered his followers to conduct several sacrificial rituals believing that would bring strength abundance immunity from injury and protection from law enforcement in a calm and deadpan mana sarafin sarafin revealed that molecule roy had been killed as part of these rituals quiet he was religion albizu l. food the following day of tuesday april eleven investigators from from mexico and the united states descended on rancho santa elena good at surfing to the property who's ongoing relaxed the main a- <hes> to mexican offices who beat him with their clubs and hands believing he lacked remorse or fear of consequences. Mhm investigators approached the wooden shack along saw the warehouse and were met with the stench of death. The mexican police expressed hesitancy hesitancy to going saud due to their fear witchcraft superstition and belief in the occult with fairly widespread in mexico with people people from all backgrounds believing in which is shamans and sorcerers as well as negative auras curses and spells herbs potions potions chomps magical emulates was sold in markets and rituals performed tequila will repel a variety of afflictions and dilemmas seraphin was taken into the shack where officers fanned too late candles on the floor indicating that someone had banning saw as is recently is that morning neither candles four kettles contained a dead brusca a goat's head but total coins twigs anti legua statue the floor was limited with tequila bottles coins housesmarts agha's and chili peppers they draw blood was spotted everywhere and two bloody wise hung from above which serafin explained were used to hold people by their wrists while all their blood was drained and noyon cool drancy set in the center of the room later identified as engonga a religious. This receptacle central to the palo religion believed to be inhabited by a spirit of the dead who acts as a god for ceremonies performed with the engonga. Uh the rancho santa lennon gaga was filled with what was described as a soup made from sticks ago ted chicken fate bones turtle herbs a horseshoe coins blood strands of hair and what appeared to be human remains sarafin.

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