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Memphis morning news. Six fifty six temperature of. Six degrees. Whatever the straps, are that hold the microphone sharee. I think I'm down to one. And the microphone is just it's just hanging on by a thread here. It's like the fingernails hanging off the cliff. Oh, goodness gracious. The adventures of live radio. The, the creator of HBO's chur noble, urging folks, visiting the Ukrainian disaster site to be respectful. Here's FOX's Kristin. Goodwin HBO's haunting. Miniseries Chernobyl sparking a tourism boom with folks flocking to take selfies near the side to the world's worst nuclear accident and neighboring abandoned town, Craig Mazin who wrote and produced the show calling the wave of tourism wonderful, but adds, yes, I've seen the photos if you visit please remember at a terrible tragedy occurred there comport yourselves with respect for all who suffered and sacrificed, the nine thousand nine hundred. Six accident in then Soviet Ukraine cost by botched safety test at the atomic plant sent nuclear particles across much of Europe. Christine Goodwin, Fox News. You know, it's like the people at the concentration camps that take selfies. You know just have just have a little decorum. You know, it's like thousands of hundreds of thousands of people died here, but first, let me take a selfie. Yeah, congratulations, you're live. There's a bunch of people that aren't. Good.

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