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Oh bill polian is uh you know to me besides my biological father okay besides my biological father uh and as much as i've learned from our you know bill polian is my is my football father i mean i i literally owe everything and my football career to bill bill drafted me and 1985 through the buffalo bills um built told me after my rookie year in 1985 e said frank and you're gonna play play as many years as you can and then i want you to come coach for me and then you're gonna end up being a head coach in this league one day and sure enough i you know i retire he gives me my first start he drafts me a 1985 he gives he and tony dungy give me my first coaching job no bill has been a steady influence a study football influence in my life since 1985 and you know i just uh you know i i oh so much to him and not you know he's he just very meaningful to me it's amazing to me though frank and i don't me to come back to this and harp on this but you got more of levy behind you telling you that you're going to be a head coach one day you've got bill polian who is telling you that you're going to be a head coach when they both men are in the pro football hall of fame both have strong and i fell connections and yet indianapolis didn't even look at you in the first round of interviews did you ever think that this was passing you by i know you weren't focusing in on that but do you think that this opportunity would come in a way that both those whole fame men had told you it would.

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